Why Winter is the Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Interior


While winter’s snowy and cold conditions put a damper on many home remodeling projects, interior painting is not one of them. In fact, there are many benefits to painting the interior of your home during the wintertime! If you need any convincing as to why you should plan your paint job this season, read our reasons below.

1. Put Time Off to Good Use

Between the holidays and snow days, you might find that you are spending more time at home compared to other months. What better way to be productive during your time stuck at home than with a home remodeling project? Of course, if the weather is really bad, you may need to plan ahead and purchase your interior paint before the snowstorm hits. Another added benefit is that many local paint stores don’t only sell paint; they also sell shovels, salt and other supplies you will need to handle snowstorms.

2. You Can Get Professional Help For Lower Costs

Not only are contractors less busy in the winter than they are during the warmer seasons, typically they are less expensive as well. In fact, it is estimated that painting your home’s interior during the colder months can help save you up to 40%! This means that you can get the professional look you desire for almost half of the cost. Furthermore, because contractors are less busy, they will be more willing to work around your schedule (rather than you having to work around theirs).

3. Your Paint Will Dry Faster

Contrary to what you may believe, your paint job will dry noticeably faster in the winter compared to the summer! That’s because the warm, summer weather that we all enjoy typically go hand in hand with humidity, which is not kind to paint’s drying process. Winter weather, however, is cold and crisp, allowing for your paint to dry quicker. Please note, that in order to take advantage of this, your windows will have to be open (or at least cracked) for you to ventilate the room with cold air.

4. You Can Take Advantage of the Early Light

The sun rises earlier during the winter. Take advantage of this by getting your paint job completed earlier in the day! In addition, the snow on the ground reflects light, giving you nice natural light to complete your interior painting project. Having great lighting will help you become more efficient and speed up the process, in addition to making it easier to see any spots that you might miss.

5. Saves You Money and Time

Some home remodeling projects can only be completed when the weather is nice. By completing your interior paint projects in the winter, you will have more time to focus on external remodeling projects, such as exterior painting, gardening and deck repairs. In addition, because it is usually cheaper to paint the inside of your home in the winter compared to the summer, you can use the money you saved on an additional remodeling project.

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