Home Office desk with notepad, pen, keyboard, plant, coffee and smartphone

Home Office Paint Color Ideas & Inspiration

Home Office desk with notepad, pen, keyboard, plant, coffee and smartphone

Never underestimate the power of color for your home office. It’s important to choose the right paint color and how the particular color can benefit you and your work from home. Colors have an interesting effect on humans, certain tones and hues have the power to stimulate your imagination or to calm you down while boosting your concentrating on the tasks at hand. So, what effect do you want your home office to have on your mood, productivity, and work? Continue reading to discover various paint color ideas and inspiration for your home office.

Calming Office Colors

Calming colors for your home office is perfect for those who work longer hours. The most known soothing and calming paint colors include tones of brown and green. These colors are known to not cause eye fatigue and have the ability to keep you in a calm state of mind, while also simultaneously being efficient. Whether it is tan, beige, or a chocolate brown, these color tones provide an earthy natural atmosphere that generates your workspace to be soothing and focused on the tasks at hand. Green is a color that is extremely calming, as well as energizing for a home office. Studies have shown that green paint tones in a work environment have increased concentration and focus, which is perfect for your home office! A great example is the Starbucks color scheme. The majority of their customers are working, reading, or studying, surrounded by earthy paint tones of brown and green helping them stay focused.

High Productivity Colors for Your Office

The color blue is the most used paint color for a home office space and for many reasons. Blue is the color that has the power to stimulate the mind and generate higher productivity, as well as creativity. Tones of blue can keep you calm, which then results in staying focused and concentrated on your work. In fact, deep and warmer blue hues are used in large corporate offices to not only stimulate the mind but to also bring a peaceful and stress-free workplace atmosphere. You can’t go wrong painting your home office blue, as it is extremely beneficial for your mind, which then helps get your work done efficiently and effectively as possible.

Warmer Office Colors

Warmer paint colors such as a soft coral or peach can help improve your concentration and focus, as well as providing you an extra boost of creativity. These warmer soft pink tones deliver a thought-provoking environment, which is ideal for a home office space. Although these warmer pink shades have a tranquil and soothing effect on the mind, they also stimulate innovative and imaginative ideas, making this the perfect paint color for artistic folks or even a great place for studying. Since the soft blush paint tones offer a subtle yet timeless appearance, you are able to add ‘louder’ accents and/or vintage furniture to bring in more personality for your office.

Stimulating Office Colors 

Office workplace with computer.

Bright and energizing, yellow paint will no doubt perk up and breathe life into your dull at-home office. The color yellow has a psychological effect of inspiring emotions such as happiness and optimism, as well as enhancing your creativity, which is why this color choice is perfect for people who work in artistic and ingenious industries. Yellow is considered to be the most motivating and positive color that provides a positive tone and atmosphere for your work environment.

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