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Red, White, & Blue Tape: Paint Supply Guide

April 30, 2021 3 min read

Red, White, & Blue Tape: Paint Supply Guide

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Take advantage of your long extended weekend to spruce up your home with a new paint project! Memorial Day Weekend allows you the time to prep, prime, and paint any room that needs a revamp.

Memorial Day Weekend has the perfect weather for you to paint your interior or exterior of your home. The warm radiant weather enables the paint to dry quicker, allows you to open up your windows to air out the aroma from the paint, and truly helps you choose the right paint color with the use of the natural lighting. If these reasons aren’t convincing enough – your biggest motivation should be to take full advantage of the money you can save on special discounts on paint and painting supplies with Ricciardi Brothers Memorial Day Weekend sale. Continue reading to find out what professional paint supplies are key – without breaking the bank!


Blue Painters Tape

To begin any paint project you should start by applying blue painters tape to the surfaces you want to protect. Blue painters tape is the most underrated tool used by all painters. Blue tape is designed not to pucker, buckle, or let paint bleed through when a coat of paint is applied. Your end result will leave pristine, clean, professional lines since it is so reliable when it is adhered to a variety of surfaces, leaving zero residue! Painters tape is awesome for creating cool designs and shapes on your walls.


Paint Rollers

If you are painting a large surface, paint rollers can make your life a lot easier by helping you cover a substantial area faster.  Paint rollers basically come in two parts, the roller frame and a cover. Realistically, you will presumably only need to buy the roller frame once and then change out the roller covers according to each paint job overtime. Roller covers are available in a variety of materials and fabrics, such as natural, synthetic, and foam. It is important to note that when choosing a woven cover to select a non shed cover so it does not get in your paint application. Get your paint project done as fast as lightning using high quality paint rollers.


Paint Brushes

Choosing the right paint brush for your paint project should not be strenuous. First,select the size you think will fit the surface you are painting. Usually, a paint project involves two different sizes of paint brushes – large and small.  Getting a high quality paint brush is extremely beneficial because it holds more paint, applies paint more evenly, won’t shed into the paint, are easier to clean, and ultimately saves you time. Paint brushes are necessary and typically needed to control the finish of the paint, reach difficult areas, or fix an easy touch up.


Water Based Paint Primer

A coat of primer is recommended for practically all painting projects. Whether it’s drywall, wood, metal, or painted brick, applying a coat of primer can help provide a consistent base for new top coats of paint. Specifically, water based primer are great for blocking stains and even better when the surfaces has areas that were filled with paste. Water based primer provides a great flexible finish and an exceptional cracking resistance. Water based primer is known to be on the pricey side – so be ready to get this primer as soon as it goes on sale!


Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Ricciardi Brothers

Having the high quality tools and supplies for your paint project will help you be done faster with achieving professional results you desire. Check to make sure you have the correct tools to ensure the paint job is done right the first time! Here at Ricciardi Brothers we are devoted to giving our customers the optimal prices available on the market. Our Memorial Day Weekend offer is available through June 10th, 2019 at all of our 43 convenient locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Contact or stop by a Ricciardi Brothers store today to learn more about our monthly promotions and how we can help you acquire all the professional paints and supplies you need over the holiday weekend!


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