How to Choose the Right Painting Tools

When you are preparing your walls to paint, several vital, easy-to-use tools are needed:

  1. A flexible putty knife – for forcing filler or spackle into cracks and holes
  2. A paint scraper blade – to remove peeling paint or to scrape off wallpaper
  3. A long-handled wallpaper scraper that holds a 4 inch blade – to remove foreign material that may have been left in the paint film from previous jobs


  • When you’re using a paint or blade scraper, push it across the surface at a 45-degree angle.
  • When you’re using a flexible putty knife pull the blade across the surface to achieve a smooth finish. That way you will protect the edge of the knife, as well.

For best results, ALWAYS READ THE PAINT CAN LABEL. Professionals read the paint can labels to get the paint manufacturers’ most up-to-date information and instructions on the use of each specific paint. Every paint is different, and the labels provide important information, such as the average coverage area per gallon, drying times, number of coats needed, and surface preparation requirements. The labels also give specific safety information that should be carefully adhered to.