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6 Ways to Spruce up the Exterior of Your Home in the Fall

April 30, 2021 3 min read

6 Ways to Spruce up the Exterior of Your Home in the Fall

So long, summer! Fall is officially upon us, and with its arrival you may feel the urge to switch up your home’s exterior decorations to match the new season. All you need is some creativity and love for autumn, and you’ll have the most festive home on the street! Here are six ways you can spruce up your home’s exterior during the fall.

1. Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins are a fall staple – they appear everywhere from Halloween displays to caffeinated drinks during the season. Therefore, they are the perfect addition to your front porch when the weather starts to get chilly. Decorating your pumpkins is half of the fun – you can carve them, paint them, or even wrap patterned ribbons around them to add your own personal flair! Consider including gourds in the mix – their various colors can add the perfect contrast to your pumpkin’s famous orange shade.

2. Harvest-Themed Decorations

Nothing reminds people of fall like a good scarecrow! Decorating your front yard with scarecrows is a cute and fun way to greet your guests. Accompany them with corn stalks –a definite eye-catching piece for passersby. Prop these fall staples up next to your scarecrow or flank your porch with them. Try out hay bales as well – they add a rustic touch to your home’s exterior and can be a surface for you to place other decorations, such as baskets and more pumpkins.

3. Seasonal Blooms

While the summery days of tending to your garden may be gone until next year, there are still some plants and flowers that blossom in the fall. Mums are fall’s favorite flower as they bloom late, making them a perfect choice to display on your front porch. Sunflowers and pansies are other flowers that thrive during the fall season. Don’t focus just on blooms – hostas and succulent plants are also a great green choice for your porch and garden in the fall.

4. Door Decorations

Let your front door exhibit your love for fall! A classic way to spruce up your doorway in the fall is with a leaf, berry, or twig branch wreath. Consider hanging a basket on your door and filling it with a flower, foliage, and wheat arrangement – it’s a beautiful way to usher your home into the season. Don’t be afraid to get festive too – putting up cobwebs for Halloween, or cute turkey cutouts in November is another creative way to decorate your door!

5. Decorate Your Fence for Fall

Your fall decorating doesn’t have to stop at your front porch! Decorate your fences with even more wreaths, fall plants, and holiday touches. Your fence is a great place to display Halloween decorations such as ghosts and pumpkins to greet trick-or-treaters, as well as letter banners celebrating Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holidays.

6. New Exterior Paint

Fall is the season of change, so it’s the perfect time to switch up the exterior paint of your home! Pick a warm tone of paint for your fence to match the falling leaves and autumn sunlight. You can also repaint your front door to differentiate your house from the rest of the neighborhood. If you want to repaint your entire house, fall is your last chance before winter’s harsh conditions prevent you from doing so!

Fall Design Services and Paint in NJ, PA, and DE

If you are looking for some help sprucing up your home for the fall, Ricciardi Brothers would be more than happy to help you! Our design services, led by our trained and experienced professional staff, can help you with all of your fall decorating needs. We offer the best selection of house paints to choose from, color consultations, custom window treatments, and more. Contact the location nearest to you today to learn more about our services to let us help you spruce up your house this fall!



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