Scotch-Brite® High Performance Cloth | Ricciardi Brothers

Scotch-Brite® High Performance Cloth (2011-BLU)

The Scotch Brite High Performance Cloth is specifically designed with a unique combination of bi component microfibers and knit construction. This combination provides excellent dust, oil and water pickup with minimal linting. The bi component aspect of the microfibers allows for both oil and water absorption while the microfiber's ribbon like shape provides the maximum surface area for the collection of dust, oil and water. The unique knit pattern of tufts and valleys allows both small and large particulates to be trapped within the Scotch Brite High Performance Cloth. The combination of microfiber and knit construction provides a versatile non scratching tool allowing the Scotch Brite Cloth to be used on a wide variety of substrates including delicate surfaces.