Studio Finishes

Take Color to the Next Level with Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes

Picking out a reliable brand, choosing the right color and selecting a versatile sheen are all necessary elements that go into painting the interior of your home. If you’ve already taken care of the interior painting process, but are still looking for something to liven up the space’s appearance, we recommend taking a look at Benjamin Moore’s line of studio finishes. They’re the perfect way to add another dimension to the walls in your home and the best option to transform everyday surfaces into one-of-a-kind design statements.

Get Inspired with Unique Looks    

No matter how your home’s interior is styled, or what type of design you prefer, Benjamin Moore has created a specific finish for every single homeowner out there. When you visit Ricciardi Brothers, you can see and experience these products firsthand. Allow yourself to envision the various glazes and breathtaking effects each one will leave on your walls of your home. The Benjamin Moore studio finishes line is truly an inspiration for any homeowner and designer, allowing for even more customization on a set of fresh, beautifully painted walls.

Beautiful and Stunning Finish Options   

There are eight different finishes from Benjamin Moore, all available at Ricciardi Brothers. Customers are able to choose from the following:

  • Chalkboard paint: Chalkboard paint is a topcoat that can turn any interior surface into a fully functional chalkboard. It dries quickly into a decorative finish that is very durable.
  • Glitter effect: Glitter effect is a simple way to add sparkle, and an incomparable shine, to painted interior surfaces. It’s also formulated to minimize any odors that might linger after application.
  • Latex sand texture: Latex sand texture is a creative way to bring about an endless amount of designs on walls and ceilings. It hides small cracks and imperfections on older, patched surfaces.
  • Latex glaze: A finish that adds substantial depth to specialty finished projects, latex glaze can be applied over latex and oil-based coatings.
  • Latex glaze extender: Providing the same depth that latex glaze does, the latex glaze extender offers increased open-time, so that the painter can create more dramatic and advanced techniques while they work.
  • Alkyd glaze: A large number of designs and effects can be achieved while using the alkyd glaze finish, which can be applied over latex and oil-based coatings.
  • Metallic glaze: The metallic glaze finish always dries quickly, forming a glittering metallic lustre, complete with unique special effects.
  • Molten metallics: A beautiful hammered metal effect can be easily achieved with the molten metallics finish, especially for previously painted furniture, decorative trim, accent walls and ceilings.

Check Out Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Line at Ricciardi Brothers  

If you’re looking to take the appearance of your interior walls to the next level, we would love for you to come by Ricciardi Brothers and check out the studio finishes by Benjamin Moore. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us by calling 973-762-3830.