Regal Select

What is Regal Select Paint by Benjamin Moore?

ultra spec int can cutRegal Select by Benjamin Moore paint is an extremely high-quality, 100% acrylic paint. Regal Select is known for being environmentally friendly, with absolutely zero measured VOC. This makes it a great contender for interior paint. With three finishes to choose from and the variety of color afforded by the Benjamin Moore brand, Regal Select is an excellent premium-quality paint. Regal Select also is self-priming, making the actual process of paint application simple. Providing full coverage with minimal coats needed, Regal Select is a popular and dependable product among the Benjamin Moore product line because it’s easy to use and versatile.

Regal Select Paint Finishes


Regal Select comes in a flat finish for projects for which you prefer the least amount of shine. Regal Select in flat finish is ideal for achieving a uniform finish. This finish is spatter resistant and can be utilized for a variety of interior projects, based on your preferences. Regal Select in flat finish comes in the entire variety of colors offered by the Benjamin Moore product line.


The Matte-finish Regal Select paint provides a smooth and easy application. Both mildew resistant and excellent at providing full coverage, matte finish may be ideal for more high-traffic areas within the home. Matte is an elegant and timeless finish that works for every area of the home, and with Regal Select this acrylic paint is guaranteed to be high-quality.


The semi-gloss finish of Regal Select paint is another favorite among our customers. The semi-gloss finish includes stain-release technology, making it easier to wipe down when there is a spill or mess made. This makes the Regal Select semi-gloss a popular choice for areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as doors and cabinets. This finish is very durable and will stand the test of time.

Where Can I Buy Regal Select by Benjamin Moore?

You can buy Regal Select by Benjamin Moore from the trusted paint and paint supply store at Ricciardi  Brothers. With over thirty locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Ricciardi Brothers is the most reputable paint shop in the area. In addition to offering the Regal Select paints by Benjamin Moore, we also are the trusted supplier of a variety of paint supplies. Additionally, our team of design experts at each Ricciardi Brother facility is standing by, ready to help you pick the perfect paint for your specific project. We can’t wait to help you get started.