Aura Interior Paint

Beautiful Interior Paint from Benjamin Moore

At Ricciardi Brothers, we offer a number of different interior paint brands to our valued customers. Benjamin Moore is a company that sincerely values premium paints and stains. The Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint line we carry in stores lives up to the high standard of excellence that Ricciardi Brothers stands for.


Unbeatable Benefits of Aura Paint   

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint remains unmatched in its category due to the numerous benefits and technology used in the formulation of each paint type. From Benjamin Moore’s Color Lock® technology which provides rich colors that stand the test of time, to waterborne tinting technology ensuring that the paints retain their low- or zero- VOC properties, the most vibrant of colors and shades benefit from this fast-drying formula allowing a second coat to be applied in as little as one hour. Aura paint is incredibly durable, won’t fade over time, and makes for an impeccably smooth finish. Aura paint is also formulated to provide a low odor product, compliant with Benjamin Moore’s Green Promise® so homeowners can rest assured that it is safe for the environment.

A High-Quality Interior Paint Line  

Aura paint is a superior Benjamin Moore product, offering nothing but the best for your home. Acting as paint and primer together, Aura paint is actually washable in any sheen. Homeowners are able to choose from matte, satin, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes. The durable, long-lasting paint provides valuable features, such as mildew resistant coating and textures that allows stains and marks to wash off easily. Regardless of when you’ve applied Aura paint, your walls will look just as fresh and vibrant as the day they were painted. The easy-to-apply paint line is perfect for homeowners who are in need of a paint that performs to the best of its abilities and will stand out in any room that it’s applied in.

Endless, Customizable Color Options

Aura paint is available in the entire Benjamin Moore color palette with over 3,600 hues. In addition to those colors, Aura paint is also sold in Benjamin Moore’s popular affinity colors; 144 harmonious shades that complement any interior design style. Between the endless color schemes and superior quality, homeowners are able to appreciate color in a way they never had before. Regardless of what room the paint is used in, the rich hues truly add an entirely new dimension to the space. Aura paint’s color rub-off resistance assures that you’ll never have to worry about the beautiful look fading away.

Shop Aura Paint at Ricciardi Brothers

Any homeowners living in or around northern New Jersey, who are seeking high-quality interior paint in an endless amount of color, should contact Ricciardi Brothers. Calling 973-762-3830 or visit one of our store locations. Our staff will be more than happy to show you Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint and other interior paint products for your home!