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Top 4 Deck Staining Trends

April 04, 2022 3 min read

Top 4 Deck Staining Trends

Staining your deck is the best way to give it a more gorgeous and finished appearance. It’s the perfect preparation for nights spent entertaining and socializing with friends and family. Just like in any area of interest throughout life, there are trends when it comes to home design projects, and deck staining is no exception. Read on to learn more about the most popular current deck staining trends, and to get some ideas for your own project!

Stain to Match Your Surroundings

The way you stain your deck is a reflection of your home and personal tastes, and current trends show that people choose different colors of stain depending on the region in which they live. Northern states have seen high sales of dark and brown stain colors, and areas of the country that are dominated by prairies and mountains tend to buy reds and browns in terms of stain. It’s interesting to think that stain color choice can be impacted by where you live, but since the stain of your deck is going to be one of the most clearly noticeable elements of your backyard, it makes sense that it should go well with your surroundings.

Use Varying Tones of Stain

Another current trend involves some creativity and playing with different shades of stain before choosing the one that’s right for you is a must. Mixing different tones of stain to create a new color will give your deck a completely unique look and bring character to your outdoor space. The key to utilizing this trend effectively is to choose stains within the same color family but in different tones. For a look that’s guaranteed to be found only in your backyard, mixing stains is the way to go.

Contrast Your Colors

Although people tend to love it when things match, contrasting colors throughout your backyard is in. Try staining your deck a color that contrasts with the color of your home or fence to draw the eye to the deck and make it stand out. This can also apply to furniture. If you’re looking for color contrast that it is a little less extreme, go for outdoor furniture that stands out and doesn’t perfectly match the stain you chose for your deck, because the more your deck area stands out, the more people are going to want to talk about it.

The Brighter, The Better

When most people think about staining a deck, they think of choosing some type of dark or brown tone, but brighter and more colorful shades are becoming more and more popular. Grey isn’t an especially eye-popping color, but it can be great for a deck by the ocean (or a deck that you wish was by the ocean). Blue is both eye-catching and modern, and choosing a shade of blue will almost guarantee that your deck will be the most unique in the neighborhood. Green will complement the natural look of your yard and look gorgeous next to your garden. Shades of red on the other hand look great with a brick exterior and are sure to catch the eyes of your guests as soon as they step into your backyard. Be sure to test your color before you use it to make sure you’re ready to commit, but bright and exciting color options are an awesome way to spice up your space and make it truly unique.

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