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How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

April 30, 2021 3 min read

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

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After you’ve picked the perfect interior paint color, it’s time to determine the perfect finish. Paint comes in a wide variety of sheens! From flat to high gloss, there a plenty of ways for you to achieve the look you want with the right finish.

You could virtually choose any finish of your liking, but it’s true that certain sheens look better in different places. So to help you out and ensure you don’t break the bank, we broke it down for you below.


Tips For Selecting The Right Sheen by Room


It’s crucial to choose a high-pigment paint, one that can last a very long time without fading. The type of bedroom (adult, children’s, or guest) is a deciding factor on which type of sheen to choose.


Adult or Guest Bedroom

A flat or matte finish provides the most coverage and soaks up light rather than reflects it for the ultimate nights sleep! Because of its high-pigment coverage, you will save money by not having to reapply.


Kids Bedroom

For high-traffic areas such as a child’s room, satin is your best bet! It’s velvety, easy to clean texture is ideal for playtime. With high durability, you can’t go wrong.



The bathroom holds a lot of moisture from frequent use of hot water. A semi-gloss finish will work with the moisture, and won’t let the color fade out. It’s also perfectly fine to use a high-gloss finish, for it’s the most durable sheen and easiest to clean.


Dining Room

An eggshell finish will cover a wall’s imperfections well, which is why it is a great sheen for gathering spaces such as the dining room. These walls won’t get too many bumps and scuffs, but provides enough durability for the type of activity taking place.


Living Room

Whether it’s a living area or a family room, you can choose from a few different sheens. Satin will leave a great look for guests, however if you plan to touch-up the space it could get tricky. If you don’t have children, eggshell is great in these types of rooms because it sits between a little luster and flat look. Lastly, you can always stick with flat or matte if you are trying to cover high walls with a lot of natural light coming in.



It’s highly recommended to use a high-gloss finish in your kitchen because of its extremely high durability. Able to fight off sticky fingers and splatter stains, you will have a very easy time cleaning this type of sheen.

You can also use this finish on cabinets, trim, and doors! It’s ultra shiny, reflects light, and is tough enough for appliances. Make sure not to cut corners on the prep work, for high-gloss will show imperfections on your walls.


Hallways And Foyers

A satin finish is great for hallways and foyers because it’s able to withstand high-traffic situations and roughing around by children.


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