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Meet Century: Benjamin Moore’s Newest Paint Line

Get to Know the Game-Changing Color and Finish

It’s not every day that a new, top-quality paint product gets placed on the market. But Benjamin Moore – one of the most popular paint and color brands in the country – has impressed industry leaders and customers once again. At the beginning of March, the company released its newest paint line: Century, “a new dimension in paint.” The paint products from the innovative new line have recently been stocked inside more than 5,000 paint stores that supply Benjamin Moore products across the nation, providing people with unmatched, groundbreaking paint options that have yet to be created by anyone else.


Benjamin Moore: A History of Excellence

Since its humble beginnings in 1883, Benjamin Moore has been serving its loyal customers with amazing paint products, making both residential and commercial coatings of the highest value. With a clear mission of producing the highest-quality paint and finishes possible, Benjamin Moore is a brand that works tirelessly to make premium paints and stains for every home, taste and design – something that its founder had his heart set out to do ever since he first established the business. The well-known company manufactures its own original resins and Gennex® colorants to boost both performance and application properties, and the sky is the limit as far as ideas for its products go. By keeping on top of the most prevalent interior design trends and researching the most sought-after colors and textures, Century was created by the experts at Benjamin Moore. It has since filled a void that was missing in the paint industry for entirely too long.


Century’s Rare Creation Process

With the main goal of supplying customers with excellent craftsmanship and the ultimate paint aesthetic, Century was developed in a truly one-of-a-kind way – which has definitely yielded one-of-a-kind results. Both science and art were combined and manipulated by only the most skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable chemists available, and it took years to fully develop the ultra-premium paint line. The finished product is the first ever Soft Touch Matte finish. This type of paint looks smooth and forgiving, and feels similar to a soft, leather glove when it’s touched. Balancing the elements to create the Century paint line was so complex that Benjamin Moore is only making it in small batches, to be pre-mixed and sealed, so that the purest color and quality will be seen and experienced by customers after they purchase it.


Stunning and Unique Colors

It’s not a secret – when you wish to have a plethora of paint colors at your disposal, you confide in Benjamin Moore. The brand has always boasted an extensive, inclusive portfolio of different shades, which have been present in their other paint lines throughout the years. Century’s palette, in particular, has 75 highly saturated colors to choose from. These are all over the color spectrum, from mid-tones to richer, darker shades. Based on interior design trends and paint professionals’ input, Century’s vivid colors create depth within a room, and the hues are always rich and bold. Another main goal while creating Century was to enhance the customer’s color-viewing experience within a home, and the new, highly rated paint line has definitely done just that. As far as inspiration goes, Benjamin Moore was adamant about mimicking specific natural elements – including minerals, spices and herbs – to transform any room, and generate a unique vibe and overall feel through these colors.


Benjamin Moore Paint Stores Near Me

Dying to get your hands on Century? Fortunately, for those who live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Ricciardi Brothers – a one-stop shop for all things home design and paint – is carrying pre-mixed gallons of the latest paint line, so that homeowners, renters and designers alike can experience the new colors and supreme quality firsthand. The paint line is still very new, so it’d be a wise choice to check it out before the products are out of stock – or at least try a free sample. If you’re interested in learning more about Century, or any of the Benjamin Moore products that we offer, please feel free to contact our office by calling 973-762-3830.

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