Waterborne Ceiling Paint

A Specialty Ceiling Paint Product by Benjamin Moore

Painting a ceiling calls for an entirely different set of paint, and because it requires so much special attention, regular interior paint simply won’t cut it. Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne ceiling paint is unmatched by any other – it’s durable, so it resists any peeling, and works well on drywall, stucco, plaster, masonry, tile, wood and any other type of ceiling that calls for a strong quality of adhesion.


Waterborne Ceiling Paint Features

With the goal of painting a flawless looking ceiling in mind, Waterborne ceiling paint by Benjamin Moore was created as an ultra flat paint. Its resin type is acrylic latex, offering a much higher quality with much less water in its base. Waterborne ceiling paint comes in every single color, including ready mixed white – so a room of any style or shade can benefit from its high superiority. Waterborne ceiling paint is recommended for interior use only. According to EPA Method 24, Waterborne ceiling paint does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), so customers can rest assured that the product is a safe one for their home or business.


The Benefits of Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Designed by Benjamin Moore professionals, Waterborne ceiling paint is ultra flat, so that any imperfections and blemishes on a ceiling will be completely hidden. This superior paint comes in the flattest finish that Benjamin Moore offers. Waterborne ceiling paint is extremely easy to apply, with ample open time that prevents lapping. The specialty paint was also designed to be spatter resistant, which was tested by experts in the home improvement and painting industries. Those who have used Waterborne ceiling paint value its ability to cover up even the most troublesome blemishes and previous coloring on their ceiling.


Preparing a Ceiling for Waterborne Ceiling Paint 

Before painting a ceiling with Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne ceiling paint, it’s critical to prepare the space properly, so that its full effect and flawless results will be seen upon completion. Clean the ceiling with a vacuum or duster to remove any dust, dirt and cobwebs that might be lingering. Remove loose paint with the proper technique, and wash the ceiling so that it’s ready for the first application of paint. Apply a primer, then proceed with the Waterborne ceiling paint. So long as the room is anywhere between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the paint’s quality will be maintained.


Where to Buy Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint Near Me

At Ricciardi Brothers, we are known as the paint and decorating people for a reason – our wall covering, window treatment and design services, in addition to our all-inclusive set of paints and supplies, are truly one of a kind. Whether you’re a contractor painting a ceiling on a job site or a homeowner looking for a product of substance and value, the Waterborne ceiling paint that we carry is a go-to choice that we wholeheartedly stand by. To check out a sample or browse our store, contact us at 973-762-3830.