Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore: The History of Dominance

ultra spec int can cutHighest quality paints and finishes in the industry: This was the vision that Benjamin Moore had when he founded Benjamin Moore paints. It was also important to him that these high quality products were being purchased from trusted, independent retail locations. That vision turned into a reality in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York.

Although many years have passed, the Benjamin Moore Company has stayed true to their founder’s visions. Using Gennex® colorants, Benjamin Moore supplies one-of-a-kind results that will leave the walls in your home looking brand new and beautiful for years to come.

Benjamin Moore is known to have some of the best interior and exterior paints and stains in the industry. They have spent many years conducting research and studying the different textures and colors that people are fond of so they can create paints and stains that their customers can rely on.

When it comes to professional contractors, facility managers, and property managers, they rely on Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint for a professional-quality interior coating. Learn more about this type of paint below.


What is Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint?

Ultra Spec 500 is a professional-quality interior coating that is perfect for your workplace or home. There are a wide variety of colors and shades available. It is perfect for touch ups and leaves a level coat when painting. It’s easy to apply on the wall and you can clean up with simple soap and water.

This interior paint comes in six finishes: primer, flat, low sheen, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. With so many options to choose from, it’s a great product for a wide variety of projects!

The Primer has zero VOCs, a quick drying time, and is spatter resistant. It also doesn’t have that arduous odor that is present in other brands.

The Flat is also spatter resistant with great touch-up properties. It has a truly superior flow and leveling compared to other flats and the finish is uniform and smooth.

The Eggshell is exactly how it sounds; exhibiting a nice, uniform glossy finish when done. It is MPI and MPI HP approved and is washable.

If you are looking for a solid paint that is easy on the eyes you can go with Low Sheen. Its MPI rating is 52, with an Acrylic Copolymer resin type.

Semi-Gloss and Gloss have pretty much the same finish expect gloss’s sheen is a little shinier than the semi-gloss. There are zero odors when it comes to these and they dry very fast!

Where To Purchase Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Near Me

If you are looking for a clean paint that is going to pop on your walls, then visit the experts at Ricciardi Brothers! All of our NJ, PA, and DE locations are stocked with a wide variety of interior paint brands and colors. No matter what your project may be, we have the products to help you love the results! For more information on which paint you should use in your home’s interior, please stop by your nearest Ricciardi Brothers location or contact us today.