Super Spec Interior

Decorative and Uniform Interior Paint

ultra spec int can cutWhen selecting an interior paint, the product chosen should meet a high series of standards. The consistency, how the finish looks, whether or not the paint can withstand the environment it’s in and other key elements should go into making the final decision – which is extremely important when choosing an interior paint, since it has to be lived in and looked at more often than an exterior product would. Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec Interior is known to fulfill every single desired quality on a customer’s checklist, and makes for a great interior paint overall – regardless of what atmosphere or surrounding it is applied in.


Super Spec Interior: What’s Inside

Designed by professionals so that the paint can be applied to a wide variety of interior surfaces, Super Spec Interior is a prime interior paint that is ideal for hiding and touching up walls. The paint – which comes in all available Benjamin Moore colors, in addition to an assortment of ready mixed whites – can be purchased in a flat, semi-gloss or eggshell finish. The acrylic blended latex paint translates well to virtually any room of a business or home, and it is known specifically for its decorative and uniform qualities. As far as its magnet room finish (MPI) rating goes, Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec Interior weighs in at about 44. Its volatile organic compound (VOC) level is 144.0. Since the interior paint is washable, it can be cleaned with soap and water.


Undeniable Benefits of Super Spec Interior Paint 

Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec Interior tends to hide blemishes and markups on an interior wall extremely well – so it only makes sense that the interior paint is perfect for touch up’s, too. The low odor of the paint also adds to its appeal, and the fact that it’s so easy to apply makes for a simple, quick and effortless painting process. It’s also spatter resistant, which can be tested by the measuring of the paint’s tendency to spray off of a paint roller. Another benefit? Super Spec Interior dries really quickly, so that customers can wash it as soon as one week after the application is complete.


Where to Buy Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec Interior in NJ, PA, and DE

Benjamin Moore has been a featured paint brand that Ricciardi Brothers has consistently carried since its opening. Our team’s dedication to the company can be backed up by interior paint products like Super Spec Interior, which put customers at ease with its affordable pricing, versatile tendencies and its ability to touch up interior walls so well. In addition to our paint and supplies, Ricciardi Brothers also offers home improvement services such as wall coverings, window treatments and design consultations. Whether you’re a contractor, home or business owner, give Ricciardi Brothers a call to find out more about Benjamin Moore’s Super Spec Interior paint, and hear more about our other helpful services. We can be reached easily by phone at 973-762-3830, or you can fill out a form online.