Regal Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Paint: The Perfect Choice

The Benjamin Moore paint line has been a fan favorite for over 50 years. The regal paint line is known for its extremely smooth application, combined with flawless results, both of which give the pain it’s great reputation. Available in a full spectrum of colors and a handful of finishes, Benjamin Moore’s regal paint line is truly a favorable option for painters.

An All-Inclusive Interior Paint Line

Regal paint is available in various sheens so painters can choose from a wide variety of options, regardless of their needs. These finishes include flat, eggshell, pearl, matte and semi-gloss, each of which capture a different essence and have their own substantial benefits. From bolder shades to lighter hues, regal paint products are also available in every single color that Benjamin Moore has to offer. Customers are able to choose from different Benjamin Moore color collections while picking out the shade of their regal paint. These include Benjamin Moore classics, historical colors, the off white collection, the affinity color collection, aura color stories, the Williamsburg color collection, America’s colors and the designer classics.


Outstanding Interior Paint Coverage

Regardless of what type of finish it is, every selection from the regal paint line provides even layered coverage for all interior spaces. About one gallon of regal paint covers just about 400 square feet, according to consumers. Regal pain often impresses customers with its two-in-one paint and primer and long-lasting quality. Benjamin Moore prides itself on the fact that the regal paint line is 100% acrylic resin and its excellent adhesion and high performance is unrivaled when compared to other interior paint lines.


Durable and Hardy Interior Paint

Interior paint must be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. Those who opt for Benjamin Moore’s regal paint line will never be disappointed with the high quality paints. Regal paint dries quickly and is extremely hardy so painters won’t need to wait long before applying the second coat. Customers will benefit from regal paint’s mildew and fade resistance feature, its zero-VOC content and low odor.


Visit Ricciardi Brothers to Check Out Benjamin Moore’s Regal Paint Line

It isn’t always easy to choose an interior paint for your home or business, but Benjamin Moore’s regal paint line truly provides customers with the very best option. At Ricciardi Brothers, we are proud to feature regal paint in an endless amount of colors and in every possible sheen. For decades, homeowners have been visiting Ricciardi Brothers for the trustworthy service, paint, and advice for their homes and commercial establishments. If you’d like to learn more about Benjamin Moore’s regal paint line, please contact us by calling 973-762-3830.