Fire Protection from Contego

The structures you live and work in everyday deserve sufficient protection from the possible outbreak of fire. The flames that kindle within a building pose a massive threat to the people and materials inside. To ensure the safety of everything under the roof, precautions must be taken to help reduce and/or eliminate the destructive presence of fire. Ricciardi Brothers provides customers a reliable means of fire protection through Contego’s fire barrier paint products.

Contego Passive Fire Barrier Latex

Contego paint protects building materials from the ravages of fire. Contego is a water-based coating that can effectively handle the exposure of high heat and fire to protect the interior walls of a building. When fire reaches the protectively coated walls, Contego fire retardant paint expands to form a tough barrier that cannot be penetrated. The passive intumescent fireproof barrier deprives the flames the fuel it needs to rage on. When the fire subsides, the remaining char can be scraped off so the underlying wall can be repaired. Contego paint allows your walls to stay intact so total wall replacements do not have to be made.

Why Purchase Contego Paint?

Contego fire barrier latex paint represents an enormous leap forward in fire protection technology. This all-in-one fireproofing material offers the highest quality, versatility, affordability, and fire safety. Contego is engineered to adequately protect any wall surface and substrate. This exceptional fire barrier can protect steel, wood, aluminum, polyurethane foam, drywall, and even concrete. Ricciardi Brothers carries Contego paint products so customers can take the necessary steps to protect their valuable assets from fire damage. Below you will find examples of how a Contego passive fire barrier can benefit your home or office.

  • Fire Retardant
  • Thin Layered
  • Preserves Substrate
  • Reduction in Smoke Production
  • Non-Toxic Material
  • Non-Dermatic Material
  • Lowered-Repair Costs
  • Pet-Friendly

Fireproof Your Home or Office Today

Protecting your personal and business equity should be high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, structural disasters like fires can occur, but taking the steps to reduce the output of potential flames can save you money and grief. Contego intumescent fire barrier paint can provide you the closure you need in the event of a blaze. This guaranteed protection will ease your mind and prevent fire damage from severely scorching your belongings. Ricciardi Brothers stocks Contego products so that our customers can have a secondary source of fire insurance – but in paint. If you have any questions regarding Contego or any of our paint products, please contact a Ricciardi Brothers location today. We’re proud to provide you with the design assistance and services you need to protect and decorate your home.