ben Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

What is ben Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore?

Ben is Benjamin Moore’s most basic interior paint line. For homeowners that don’t want to drop a lot of money on one of their more premium paint products, ben is an excellent alternative that offers a huge bang for its buck. The ben interior paint is low-VOC and extremely “user-friendly.” It is affordable and a fan favorite here at Ricciardi Brothers. Because ben is created by the trusted paint company, Benjamin Moore, users can rest assured that this paint will be dependable and have a beautiful finish. Ben comes in all of the colors in the Benjamin Moore color family, providing thousands of color options for their customers.

ben Paint Finishes

Ben interior paint comes in a variety of finishes to ensure customers have options for their finished product. Each finish is formulated to provide an easy painting experience, with minimal coats of paint needed, as they all contain a combination of paint and primer. This smooth finish also is spatter resistant, making it easy to clean up when there is a mess. We provide the following finishes of ben Interior Paint at Ricciardi Brothers:

ben Interior Paint in Flat

For customers who want less sheen and a polished, uniform look, the ben interior paint in a flat finish is the best option for low-traffic areas of the home. A flat paint has no sheen and comes in all of the colors available in the Benjamin Moore product line.

ben Interior Paint in Eggshell

An eggshell finish has slightly less sheen than a satin finish. The ben interior paint in eggshell is a great option for looking to add a little sheen and some more durability than a flat-finish paint, but for those who don’t want the shine of a semi-gloss. The eggshell finish is a great choice for the bedroom and living room areas of the home.

ben Interior Paint in Semi-Gloss

The ben interior paint in the semi-gloss finish is a popular option due to its versatility and durability. A semi-gloss can be cleaned the most easily, making it a great option for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, and for use on cabinets and doors. It is easy to wipe down and will last years without needing touch-ups.

Where to Buy Benjamin Moore Paint  in NJ, PA & DE

You can buy ben interior paint by Benjamin Moore at the reliable paint supply store, Ricciardi Brothers. Ricciardi Brothers is proud to be one of the trusted sellers of the quality Benjamin Moore paints. We also offer a wide variety of other paint supplies and support. Our team, located in over thirty Ricciardi Brothers paint shops across New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, are proud to offer design support and help with picking out the perfect paint to our valued customers. Stop by the Ricciardi Brothers nearest you to get started on your interior paint project and to learn more about ben interior paint.