What is Advance by Benjamin Moore?

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Benjamin Moore Advance is a premium-quality interior paint. Offering the easy application of traditional oil paint, this waterborne formula is 100% alkyd. Available in every color imaginable and in four different finishes, Advance by Benjamin Moore is a high-quality option for any interior paint project. Additionally, this paint offers excellent adhesion, sand-ability and minimal odor, and has household stain-blocking qualities. With the Benjamin Moore name on the label, you can trust that Advance has been tested to the highest standards and will come through for all of your interior paint needs. Ricciardi Brothers is proud to carry all four finishes of Advance paint.

Benjamin Moore Advance Finishes

Carried in all of the colors Benjamin Moore offers (over 3,500!), Advance comes in the four finishes listed below. Your choice of finish and product for an interior project can make all the difference in the final outcome of your paint job.


The Advance primer by Benjamin Moore is easy to apply, sandable, low-odor and excellent at providing full coverage. Primer is ideal for interior paint projects that require an extreme color change or need coverage of certain markings or household stains. Primer ensures fewer coats of paint are needed for a project and provides the perfect blank canvas for your interior. The Advance primer by Benjamin Moore also provides easy cleanup with soap and water.


For a flatter finish that also offers the ability to be cleaned, Advance paint in satin finish is the way to go. The satin finish offers the same benefits as the other paints in the Advance by Benjamin Moore line (such as low VOC, durability and smooth application), but this finish will have less shine than a semi-gloss finish.


Advance Semi-Gloss by Benjamin Moore is perfect for a variety of interior projects. The semi-gloss finish is ideal for projects that require outstanding coverage and a slightly glossy finish. The family room and kitchen are great rooms for a semi-gloss interior paint. The semi-gloss finish of Advance paint has a low VOC and is available in all Benjamin Moore colors.


Advance High-Gloss by Benjamin Moore is the most durable and easy to clean of this product line. This is why high-gloss finishes may be recommended for kitchen and bathroom spaces, where messes are more likely to occur. Many people also choose to use the Advance high-gloss finish for doors, trims and cabinets.

Where to Purchase Advance Paint by Benjamin Moore in NJ, PA & DE

If you are looking for a quality interior paint line, then Advance is the right choice for you. Advance can be purchased at Ricciardi Brothers, where we carry a huge selection of Benjamin Moore paints, along with the support and customer service you expect from your local paint shop. Ricciardi Brother has 39 Locations spread throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Stop in to the location nearest you for assistance selecting the perfect Advance Paint for your interior project.