Exterior Krylon Spray Paints

Paint for Exterior Home Design

Krylon is known as an industry leader in providing consumers and contractors with the most reliable spray paint on the market. With focus on product innovation, project inspiration and color option availability, all exterior home design projects will find the perfect pairing. Krylon spray paints can be utilized in more unique ways when compared to conventional exterior paints.

Simple Paint Application

All homeowners will find inspiration through color to create the best result, no matter what their home project entails. Krlyon’s design makes painting easier than ever before through easy application and quick drying properties. The spray paint has a nice, even range of application, leaving a smooth finish on all surfaces. Eliminating the need for multiple coats, Krylon minimizes time spent on projects so you can move to the next task on your to-do list. The specialty coating from the unique ingredients of Krylon provides the perfect balance of rust prevention and environmental protection for long-term enjoyment. This exterior paint is perfect for garage-side doors, porch railings, mailboxes, shutters, planters and much more. The opportunities are endless and this product will deliver an outcome worth investing in.

Multipurpose Paint for Outdoor Projects

Expanding beyond the home’s interior and into your backyard, Krylon spray paints provide your craft projects with multi-purpose outdoor durability. Krylon has seamlessly raised the industry standard of providing a two-in-one product for use both inside and out of the home. Just the same as exterior home design, you’ll find that the same perks can apply to any other outdoor endeavor. Listed below are some of the additional outdoor projects that Krylon spray paint can enhance:

  • Murphy bars
  • Outdoor hutches and containers
  • Plant stands
  • Pool / patio / lawn chairs
  • Fire pits
  • Backyard play sets and swings
  • Wood benches
  • Outdoor rugs

Krylon Spray Paint Near You

The paint you choose for a project can make or break your home design aspirations. To ensure that your vision comes true, your paint selection is going to be the true deciding factor. For the year’s best color schemes and coating protection, Ricciardi Brothers is your destination for the highest quality paint products and design services. With Krylon and other exterior paints fully stocked at a paint store near you, Ricciardi Brothers would love to help find the best solution for your home design. Contact us at 973-762-3830 to learn more about the paints we have in our NJ, PA and DE locations to get started on your exterior home projects today!