How to Create a Colorwash Paint Effect

Texture makes any wall so much more vibrant. The technique of color washing provides an easy way to install this texture on any wall. Thanks to their versatility colorwash paint effects can be made to suit any room or style.

Color Selection:

When creating a colorwash paint effect it is important to pick the right glaze color for your desired outcome. Using a darker glaze color will create a much more pronounced effect. However, a more subtle effect is achieved by picking a darker base color and a lighter glaze color.


Before you begin painting your colorwash paint effect prepare the room with your base coat and allow the walls to dry thoroughly.

Make 3-4 foot Work Sections:

It is important that you do not let your work area dry. If working alone, you can prevent this by making 3 or 4-foot work regions and do not move on to another region until the current one is finished.

Application of The Glaze, Cutting In:

Cut in all sections of trim, light switches, ceilings, and corners with a 2” trim brush. Using a crosshatch (8-12” X motions) technique.

Application of The Glaze, The Wall:

After you have sufficiently cut in, begin to use your crosshatch brush action to fill in the wall. Move methodically in the direction you are working, ensuring that you complete a vertical workspace. Do not move further in your work direction until you have sufficiently applied the glaze and have adequate coverage.


Finish an entire wall before cutting in and beginning another.