woman painting exterior home by her self

How to Paint a House Exterior By Yourself

Do you want to refresh your home’s exterior paint, but don’t have the time or money to schedule a professional painter to do it? Don’t worry – exterior painting is actually something you can do all by yourself! DIY’ing your home’s new look isn’t as hard as it sounds. With these useful tips by Ricciardi Brothers, you can give your home’s exterior an updated fresh coat of paint that looks as clean and neat as if a professional had done it!

Choose Quality Paint and Tools

Your home’s exterior appearance is arguably the first thing that will catch the attention of your guests and passersby. It’s not something you should skimp out on when redesigning. Choose the best exterior paint you can find for your vision, along with high-quality paint supplies and tools. The actual paint shouldn’t be something you DIY – always buy paint from a reputable industry brand to ensure your exterior paint job will last a long time, and most importantly, look good.

Schedule Your Paint Job Ahead of Time

In addition to carefully selecting your painting supplies, choose the day you’ll be painting your house ahead of time. We know that sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way but try and choose a dry sunny day with low humidity. Bright and dry weather is the perfect condition for painting. Exterior paint will not stick to your exterior walls if they’re wet from the rain or sweating from the humidity!

Prep Your Exteriors Carefully

Painters often say that 90% of a good paint job comes from the prep work beforehand. Paint will not apply smoothly or last on surfaces if they’re rough and not properly cleaned. Pressure wash your house and trim any chippings, peeling, or mildew. Depending on your house’s exterior finish (for example, houses with a stucco exterior), you may have to wait up to a month after prepping your house to paint. Lastly, cover your doors, windows, and painting ground with a tarp or plastic to protect them from splatters while painting.

Prime and Seal Your Exterior Before Painting

The paint will not last if your exterior isn’t properly primed. Your exterior needs a specific primer based on what finish it has, and there are different drying times for each kind. Whatever your exterior needs, make sure to primer every inch of your house and let it dry before painting – this will lead to the best results.

Paint Top to Bottom and Side to Face

For a clean finished look, you have to paint in sections. Start painting from the top of your house in order to control streaks and drips. Paint all of the inner corners and around the trim before moving downwards. If you have shingles or clapboard exteriors, paint the bottom sides of the ‘lip’ first before moving upwards to paint the face. After you’ve finished painting, make sure to let it completely dry before applying a second coat. 

Work with Quality Paint and Painters at Ricciardi Brothers

With these expert tips, you’ll be looking with pride at a quality exterior paint job you executed all by yourself! If you want more preparation, consult with a painting specialist at Ricciardi Brothers. Our experienced team of interior and exterior designers can help you ensure that your finishing touch is the right touch. Visit one of our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware locations for all of your painting and designing needs, or contact us today to find out how we can help you paint your home!

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