Beautiful home exterior with white trim and light gray paint siding with brown front door

5 New Home Exterior Color Combinations

Beautiful home exterior with white trim and light gray paint siding with brown front door

Choosing the right exterior paint combinations can be daunting. This decision should not be made lightly, as this is a large investment for your home, as well as ensuring that you will love the color combination for your home’s exterior day after day and so on! Painting the exterior of your home can create a drastic and beautiful impact to your property. Homes that are simply one color are not highlighting the various architectural features and elements the residence has to offer. This summer, revive your house with one of these popular home exterior paint combinations.

Popular Color Combinations for the Home Exterior

#1. White, Gray, & Aqua

Everyone knows that gray and white hues are a match made in heaven when it comes to curb appeal. By adding a pop of color such as aqua to your front door it creates a drastic and unique look for your home. The light gray hue modernizes the exterior, while the accent shades of white enhance the home’s features and the aqua paint color provides an alluring and welcoming detail, making this a beautiful option for your property.

#2. Taupe, Ivory, & Blue

Taupe, ivory, and blue are paint colors that will always complement each other for eternity. Regardless if your home is located in the mountains or in a beach town, these colors will fit in anywhere! Taupe and ivory hues are more on the neutral spectrum, therefore by adding the blue paint color, it will bring the exterior look to the next level. The paint color combination of these three colors will only enhance your home’s curb appeal!

#3. Pink, Salmon, & White

Before you dismiss this option, having your home painted pink can definitely get people’s attention. A residence painted pink can initially be viewed as feminine but is actually a generally popular choice for those living near the coast, as well as Victorian-style homes. Pink, salmon, and white are the color combinations if you want your home to get noticed! These colors will generate a showstopper appearance for your property, making it stand out from the rest of the houses on the market. 

#4. Teal, Charcoal Gray, & White

Want your home’s exterior to be different yet classic? You may have never considered this combination before, but teal, charcoal gray, and white are colors that can fulfill both requirements. Choosing a neutral teal for your home’s siding and accenting the shutters and door with the charcoal gray plus utilizing the white paint to highlight the home’s architectural features, is truly a beautiful and elegant result. Charcoal gray is one of the most highly demanded colors to include for all home’s exteriors, therefore by complimenting with a blue tone color such as teal, your home will be modernized and have a traditional appeal.

#5. Chocolate Brown, Green, & Light Brown

Brown and green colors are considered to be natural earth tones and as a direct result, they make a gorgeous color combination for your home exterior. Whether you use the green for your trim or the brown for your siding, you can go either way with this color combination. Earthy greens blend well with natural woodsy settings and are often used on bungalows, as well as rustic shingle-style houses. 

Get All the Home Exterior Paint Combinations at Ricciardi Brothers

These are just the top 5 home exterior color combinations – there are truly endless possibilities when it comes to paint combinations. If you need more ideas and inspiration, our professional team at Ricciardi Brothers can assist you and make your home beautiful, inside and out! Take full advantage during the summer season and give your home’s exterior a ‘facelift’. Please contact us today or visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about our wide selection in premium exterior paint, as well as our professional services and exclusive promotions. We look forward to working with you and getting you started on your exterior painting project!

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