living room with courtyard green wall with stone fireplace

7 Fall Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

7 Fall Paint Colors for Your Home

It’s getting colder out and the leaves are changing color again. With fall in full swing, you may be thinking it’s time for a change. With so many colors to choose from, it can be hard to find what will work best for you and your home aesthetic this season. We have compiled a list of some of the best fall paint colors offered by Benjamin Moore to help you get ready for autumn.

Fall Harvest

fall harvest benjamin moore paint on wall

Orange is always one of the most popular colors around this time of year, yet it can be hard to choose one that stands out – Benjamin Moore’s Fall Harvest is one of the best. Orange can be a very tricky color to work into a home, but Fall Harvest allows easy implementation, and with its subtle tones, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room.

Aganthus Green

aganthus green kitchen

If you are looking for a lighter color to help switch up your home this season, Aganthus Green is the perfect way to go. With the ideal balance of green and grey, this color from Benjamin Moore offers a unique lightness to any room and looks distinctly like an early morning autumn mist.

Yellow Marigold

yellow marigold hallway

One of the most unique fall colors, Yellow Marigold, is a great way to make your home stand out from the rest.  Although yellow can be very harsh, this color from Benjamin Moore offers the perfect blend of yellow and orange to give any room a rich and prominent fall look. When used correctly, yellow is a color that can boost confidence and optimism – perfect for those brisk fall mornings.

Mayflower Red

mayflower red wall above white fireplace

With a name like Mayflower Red, how could this paint not be perfect for your home this season? Offering the perfect mix of brown and red, Mayflower Red from Benjamin Moore looks distinctly like fallen leaves. Although perfect on its own, Mayflower Red is one of the easiest colors on this list to integrate with other colors in your home.

Autumn Purple

autumn purple bedroom

One of the most vibrant colors on this list, Autumn Purple from Benjamin Moore offers a different experience than all the rest. If you are looking to make a statement this season, this deep purple is perfect for you. Bringing warmth to any room, Autumn Purple is the ideal paint for those small, cozy rooms that make you want to curl up with a good book and a pumpkin spice latte.

Approaching Autumn

approaching autumn pale orange wall with desk and chair

One of the most subdued colors on this list, Approaching Autumn is perfect for those who are not looking to make a drastic change. With its subtle peach color, this paint from Benjamin Moore offers a great solution to creating a fall theme without redesigning the entire space. As this color goes with most furniture, you will be able to put this color in any room in your house to be reminded of fall.

Courtyard Green

living room with courtyard green wall with stone fireplace

A darker green than previously discussed on this list, Courtyard Green from Benjamin Moore offers a much more cozy and rich color. If you are looking to darken a room this season, then Courtyard Green is the perfect color for you. The shade of this color pairs beautifully with any brown colored paints and will easily make any room feel like fall.

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Don’t see the color you want? No problem. Ricciardi Brothers offers the largest selection of Benjamin Moore in the country. Browse our online paint shop to find the perfect color for your home this season. Whether you are looking to paint one room or the whole house, the Ricciardi Brothers team of experts is here to help make your next home project a breeze. Contact us or visit one of our 43 convenient locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to speak with a member of our expert staff today!

Home Office desk with notepad, pen, keyboard, plant, coffee and smartphone

Home Office Paint Color Ideas & Inspiration

Home Office desk with notepad, pen, keyboard, plant, coffee and smartphone

Never underestimate the power of color for your home office. It’s important to choose the right paint color and how the particular color can benefit you and your work from home. Colors have an interesting effect on humans, certain tones and hues have the power to stimulate your imagination or to calm you down while boosting your concentrating on the tasks at hand. So, what effect do you want your home office to have on your mood, productivity, and work? Continue reading to discover various paint color ideas and inspiration for your home office.

Calming Office Colors

Calming colors for your home office is perfect for those who work longer hours. The most known soothing and calming paint colors include tones of brown and green. These colors are known to not cause eye fatigue and have the ability to keep you in a calm state of mind, while also simultaneously being efficient. Whether it is tan, beige, or a chocolate brown, these color tones provide an earthy natural atmosphere that generates your workspace to be soothing and focused on the tasks at hand. Green is a color that is extremely calming, as well as energizing for a home office. Studies have shown that green paint tones in a work environment have increased concentration and focus, which is perfect for your home office! A great example is the Starbucks color scheme. The majority of their customers are working, reading, or studying, surrounded by earthy paint tones of brown and green helping them stay focused.

High Productivity Colors for Your Office

The color blue is the most used paint color for a home office space and for many reasons. Blue is the color that has the power to stimulate the mind and generate higher productivity, as well as creativity. Tones of blue can keep you calm, which then results in staying focused and concentrated on your work. In fact, deep and warmer blue hues are used in large corporate offices to not only stimulate the mind but to also bring a peaceful and stress-free workplace atmosphere. You can’t go wrong painting your home office blue, as it is extremely beneficial for your mind, which then helps get your work done efficiently and effectively as possible.

Warmer Office Colors

Warmer paint colors such as a soft coral or peach can help improve your concentration and focus, as well as providing you an extra boost of creativity. These warmer soft pink tones deliver a thought-provoking environment, which is ideal for a home office space. Although these warmer pink shades have a tranquil and soothing effect on the mind, they also stimulate innovative and imaginative ideas, making this the perfect paint color for artistic folks or even a great place for studying. Since the soft blush paint tones offer a subtle yet timeless appearance, you are able to add ‘louder’ accents and/or vintage furniture to bring in more personality for your office.

Stimulating Office Colors 

Office workplace with computer.

Bright and energizing, yellow paint will no doubt perk up and breathe life into your dull at-home office. The color yellow has a psychological effect of inspiring emotions such as happiness and optimism, as well as enhancing your creativity, which is why this color choice is perfect for people who work in artistic and ingenious industries. Yellow is considered to be the most motivating and positive color that provides a positive tone and atmosphere for your work environment.

Get Your Home Office Paint at Ricciardi Brothers

Whether you are looking for a calming cool blue color or an optimistic stimulating yellow, Ricciardi Brothers Paint Store has the perfect paint color for your home office. At Ricciardi Brothers, we have the top trending paint colors, as well as a variety of premium paint supplies you need to transform your home office into a productive and beautiful workspace. Now you can shop online from the comfort of your home and have paint gallons and supplies delivered right to your front door. Contact us today to learn more about our online services or for more paint ideas and inspiration.

Benjamin Moore Regal Eggshell Finish paint can in front of blue painted bedroom

Regal Select Paint: 5 Finishes Guide

Benjamin Moore Regal Eggshell Finish paint can in front of blue painted bedroom

You finally chose the perfect paint color for a room in your home, but what about the paint finish? Choosing the right type of paint finish is very important, since this addition will establish the overall look for your newly painted room. Not many people understand what paint finish works best for each individual space. For instance, the paint finish for your bedroom (considered a “low traffic area”) should not be the same as the paint finish for your kitchen or bathroom, which will need to be highly durable. No need to worry – this guide from the experts at Ricciardi Brothers will help you with choosing the perfect Regal Select Paint Finish for any room in your house. 

Regal Select Finishes:

1. Regal Select Flat Finish

Elegant bedroom painted grey and white with dark wood flooring

The term flat paint means that this finish has the least amount of shine. A flat finish does not reflect light, which means it will not provide any sheen. With less shine and sheen on your walls, this ultimately lets more paint color come through. With a higher pigment of color, the flat paint finish produces a smooth appearance, which is beneficial for hiding flaws such as patches, nail holes, scratches, blemishes, and more. However, you should not be using a flat paint finish for high traffic areas in your home. Since this finish is the hardest to clean, flat paint finish works best in low traffic areas, including bedrooms, home offices, and ceilings.

Pros of Flat Finish 

  • Hides Flaws
  • More Paint Pigment
  • Requires Fewer Coats

Cons of Flat Finish

  • Difficult to Keep Clean
  • Least Durable Type of Paint

Best Used For

  • Low Traffic Areas

2. Regal Select Eggshell Finish

Entryway in home with grey paint and white doors

From professional painters to DIY-ers, eggshell paint finish is extremely popular nowadays! The eggshell finish has slightly more shine to it than the flat finish. Don’t get hung up on the name “eggshell” – this paint finish is highly durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for mid to low traffic areas including your hallways, living room, and even your entryway. The eggshell paint finish provides a low-sheen and soft, smooth result that truly resembles an eggshell. This finish is beneficial for hiding any blemishes on your walls and it resists stains.

Pros of Eggshell Finish

  • Easy to Clean
  • Perfect Amount of Shine
  • Resists Stains and Hides Wall Blemishes

Cons of Eggshell Finish

  • Difficult to Touch Up

Best Used For

  • Mid – Low Traffic Areas

3. Regal Select Pearl Finish

laundry room painted white with white tiling and accents

Panorama frame Laundry room interior with cabinets wahing machine and dryer against white wall. Window, laundry basket, clothes rod, and tile floor can also be seen inside this room.

Pros of Pearl Finish

  • High Durability
  • Easy to Clean

Cons of Pearl Finish

  • More Susceptible to Showing Lap Marks & Other Painting Flaws

Best Used For

  • High Traffic Areas

4. Regal Select Matte Finish

white painted bedroom with yellow and beige accents

Very similar to the flat paint finish, matte finish is practically “shine-free” and also provides the benefits of hiding wall imperfections and having a high color pigment on your walls. The main difference between flat and matte finishes is that matte is somewhat more durable. Matte paint finishes also require fewer coats of paint, which makes it easier for touching up and can save you money. A matte finish will work best for rooms that have low traffic, such as adult bedrooms, ceilings, or a formal dining room.

Pros of Matte Finish

  • Shine-Free
  • Depth of Paint Color
  • Hides Imperfections
  • Easy to Touch Up

Cons of Matte Finish

  • Difficult to Clean

Best Used For

  • Low-Traffic Areas

5. Regal Select Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss paint has the shine and reflective characteristics perfectly suited for your kitchen or bathroom. Semi-gloss paint finish is highly durable, as well as mildew-resistant, making this the best choice for high traffic areas that may have moisture present and/or everyday wear and tear. Also, using a semi-gloss paint finish will give your room a shiny, sleek, and brighter appearance than other whites and finishes on the market. This paint finish is designed for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and cabinets, as well as for trim, doors, chair rails, and more!

Pros of Semi-Gloss Finish

  • Shiny & Reflective
  • Highly Durable
  • Mildew-Resistant
  • Easy to Clean

Cons of Semi-Gloss Finish

  • Shows Imperfections

Best Used For

  • Trim
  • High-Traffic Areas

Get Your Regal Select Interior Paint at Ricciardi Brothers Today

At Ricciardi Brothers, you can shop all Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Interior Paint colors and finishes by ordering online or picking up in-store. Experience premium performance from Regal Select Interior Paint, which provides easy application with smooth and beautiful results each time you paint! Regal Paint is available in five finishes, including flat, eggshell, pearl, matte and semi-gloss, as well as a full spectrum of colors. If you would like more information, please visit one of our NJ, PA, or DE locations in your neighborhood or contact us today.

blue chair against pink wall

Benjamin Moore Announces Color of the Year 2020

Color of the Year 2020: First Light

As 2019 comes to a close, Benjamin Moore has named First Light, a soft, not-too-sweet pink, its 2020 Color of the Year. This refreshing alternative to white or beige plays well with other colors and can flatter any space you desire, whether it be your dining room or lounge area. As the name indicates, it depicts a color found in the early morning sky and the beginning of a brand new day. It is the company’s first time choosing a pink hue as the Color of the Year and symbolizes an upbeat and hopeful kickoff to the next ten years ahead. 

2102-70 First Light

The company’s 2020 color palette features 10 coordinated paint colors with hues like Cushing Green HC-125, Golden Straw 2152-50, Blue Danube 2062-30 and Windmill Wings 2067-60, each of which sparkle when paired and layered with the very amiable First Light’s rosy glow. According to the paint maker, the 2020 Trend palette involves a yearlong observation of design, art, fashion, environment and cultural influences from around the globe. With a new decade on the horizon, it may be the perfect time to make a change. The trend toward expressive, saturated colors signifies a departure from the more subdued Color of the Year 2019, Metropolitan. There are so many creative ways to incorporate First Light into your home. Here are some ideas on how you can use this shade in the coming year: 

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a budget-friendly way to make a bold statement in any room of your home. With First Light, whichever wall you choose will undoubtedly become the focal point of the space. It can really change the vibe of the room, in the best way possible, when paired with the right tones. Create the illusion of a drastic change with only a little bit of paint.

Add Color to Your Front Door

Not only can First Light revitalize the interior of your home – it can help to boost your curb appeal. This uplifting wash of pink can make a great first impression on passers-by and provide a warm welcome for guests. Make this bright-spirited shade the center of attention before even setting foot inside. 

Paint a Piece of Furniture

As we bring in the year 2020, give new life to your old furniture with a colorful DIY makeover. Do you have a china cabinet or coffee table that you love, but are wondering if it still fits your style? The key to a stunning paint job is to add an unexpected pop of color. The airy-toned First Light provides you with the optimal opportunity to enliven any piece you choose. 

Enhance the Architecture

Color can be used to manipulate the way your architecture looks and feels. Colorful paint is a powerful design element for enhancing architectural features that deserve to be showcased. It can even create the illusion of dimension where it does not exist. First Light is a flattering and fun hue that has great potential to be the highlighting component of a space.

Shop the 2020 Color Palette with Ricciardi Brothers

The ten harmonious hues of the Color Trends 2020 palette, including First Light, deliver modern paint color pairings that combine optimism with understatement, a timeless way to lighten up any room. At Ricciardi Brothers, you can shop this palette and many others, by ordering online or picking up in-store. Experience premium performance in Aura paint, which boasts incredible hide, and fade and color rub-off resistance. If you would like more information, please visit one of our locations in your neighborhood or contact us today.

a young couple smiling and painting a wall blue

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home

a young couple smiling and painting a wall blue

Buying a new home is an exciting time! It is a chance to start a new chapter of your life with a “clean slate,” taking the design into your own hands and bringing your ideas to life. The process of decorating your new home can be an excellent outlet for expressing yourself and creating a space that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and at home. Choosing the colors for your new home should never be a stressful process. When you hit a bump in the road, try following these 5 intuitive home paint tips from the paint and design experts at Ricciardi Brothers to help bring out the interior decorator within!

Paint from Dark to Light – Floor to Ceiling

The next time you step outside, notice your surroundings and the natural gradation of color from dark to light, ground to sky. Pay attention to the dark greens, browns, greys, and black of the ground and the mid-tone and bright colors of flora and fauna, and finally to the light whites, blues, and greys of the sky above. This gradation is one that is very natural to us and can easily be translated into your home. For example, if you are using blue as a prominent color, imagine beautiful wood floors with a dark blue patterned area rug, baseboards in Blue Danube, window details in Winter Lake, walls in Smoke, and ceiling in Marilyn’s Dress.

Paint Your Mood in Your Home!

What makes you happy? Hungry? Tired? As “animals,” we are largely driven by our primal instincts and many of the spaces in our homes cater to our primal needs. A dining room for eating, a bedroom for sleeping, and so forth. Tap into these moods when considering paint colors for your home.

a dining room painted red with wooden furniture and a view of a lake

Colors That Incite Hunger

It has been widely proven that the best colors to promote hunger are the more passionate, warmer colors. When choosing colors for your dining area, you can’t go wrong with shades of red, yellow, and orange.

Colors that Promote Sleep

When it comes to the bedroom, sleep should be the main focus of your design. Therefore, colors that relax and calm are best, such as blues and greens.

Design Around Art and Patterns You Love

When stumped on which colors to choose for your home, an easy solution is often to start with artwork or textiles you love. Temporarily hang a piece of artwork in your new room-to-be and envision the colors surrounding it. Notice the colors within the painting and pull from them to choose wall and accent colors. More muted or neutral colors for a wall can complement the artwork without overwhelming it. Accent colors for trim work can match less prominent colors in the artwork. If you’re starting with a textile, like a bold print couch, place it in the room and work from there. Remember to have fun!

Remember Color Theory

When working with paint colors, especially if using a wide variety, remember to reference your color wheel. The use of color theory can help to create a room that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. If out of balance, the room can either appear too boring or overly chaotic. Working with the color wheel can help when choosing complementary (colors across from each other on the color wheel) accent colors. Purple and yellow, green and red, and blue and orange are all examples.

Embrace the Energy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has long been practiced in Chinese culture and focuses primarily on the orientation of people in their environments and the way in which everything works together in harmony. In the modern era, the practice of Feng Shui has carried over to home design. Using the five elements of Feng Shui and their corresponding colors, one can create a positive flow of energy within their home.

a blue living room with a white couch and black and white art on the walls


  • Related colors = Red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink
  • Energy = Passion and high energy
  • Placement within the home = Northeast or Southwest


  • Related colors = Light brown, light yellow, beige, sand
  • Energy = Stability and nourishment
  • Placement within the home = Center


  • Related colors = Green and brown
  • Energy = Growth and vitality
  • Placement within the home = East or Southeast


  • Related colors = Blue and black
  • Energy = Ease and abundance
  • Placement within the home = East or Southeast


  • Related colors = Gray and white
  • Energy = Clarity and precision
  • Placement within the home = West or Northwest

Get Color Advice From The Home Paint Experts at Ricciardi Brothers

The possibilities for decorating your new home are endless, so remember to have fun and trust your instinct when choosing your perfect colors! Feeling stuck? At Ricciardi Brothers’ 40+ locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, our paint and decorating experts help people make creative design decisions every day, from paint colors to interior decoration. We also offer a wide variety of interior and exterior paint, deck stain, window treatments, and other decorating staples so you can make your new home your own. To learn more and to kick off your design project, please contact us today! 

Buying a new home is an exciting time! It is a chance to start a new chapter of your life with a “clean slate,” taking the design into your own hands and bringing your ideas to life. The process of decorating your new home can be an excellent outlet for expressing yourself and creating a