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female and male painting orange and blue on a wall

5 Fall Painting Tips

female and male painting orange and blue on a wall

Autumn is finally here. There is a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to fall. No more fighting the brutal summer heat. It’s the perfect time to check your to-do list and finish those projects you’ve been putting off all summer. A simple, fresh coat transformation may be just the upgrade your home needs. The colors that we see emerging during the fall season can be an inspiration for your next painting job for either interior or exterior. There are many benefits to painting during this time of the year, but it is important to be aware of the proper conditions required for the best results. Follow these five tips to make your fall painting project successful. 

1. Be Aware of Cold Temperatures

Fall is a great time to paint your home, however, most exterior paints and stains should not be applied in temperatures lower than 50°F. You should plan so that temperatures do not drop below 35°F for 36 hours after application to allow for proper drying. However, at Ricciardi Brothers, our 100% Acrylic Latex House Paint is a premium quality paint fortified with alkyd resin, designed specifically for the low-temperature applications. 

2. Paint During Optimal Hours

The best hours to paint during the fall season are between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. As a general rule of thumb, paint your way around the house by following the sun in order to speed up drying times. This is the opposite of the technique you would use in the summer months. Luckily for you, Ricciardi Brothers sell the best exterior paint such as, Regal® Select Exterior Paint, which is equipped with fast-drying ability. 

3. Wait to Apply a Second Coat

Since paint typically dries more slowly in lower temperatures, you should wait at least 24 hours before applying a second coat, if needed. Provided that the surface is in good condition, exterior paints from Ricciardi Brothers are able to cover in one coat. However, if you are going for a completely new look and the color change is drastic – you can always go back in at a later time depending on the level of humidity, heat, and ventilation (for interior projects).

4. Watch the Dew Points

The dew point is the temperature at which the air must be cooled in order to become saturated with water vapor. Primers, paints, and stains should not be applied unless the surface temperature is at least 5° higher than the dew point. If dew forms on a painted or stained surface that haven’t had a sufficient amount of time to cure, you may experience water spotting or streaking. 

5. Check the Wind Speeds

During the summer, a light breeze is refreshing and most likely harmless to your painting project. However, it is important to be extra cautious around this time of the year, as even a 10 mph wind can blow falling leaves right into your wet paint job. 

Paint this Fall With Ricciardi Brothers 

The Ricciardi Brothers are known as the family-owned and oriented paint and decorating people that 43 convenient locations in NJ, PA, and DE have come to know and love. We look forward to being your destination for all of your paint and related needs within your local community. Our expert staff promises first-class service and helpful advice, no matter what your skill level. Need ideas for your paint project this season? Ricciardi Brothers provide customers with the hottest color trends of the year. If you would like to set up a design consultation, inquire about products, or if you have any general questions, contact us today!

a young couple smiling and painting a wall blue

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your New Home

a young couple smiling and painting a wall blue

Buying a new home is an exciting time! It is a chance to start a new chapter of your life with a “clean slate,” taking the design into your own hands and bringing your ideas to life. The process of decorating your new home can be an excellent outlet for expressing yourself and creating a space that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and at home. Choosing the colors for your new home should never be a stressful process. When you hit a bump in the road, try following these 5 intuitive home paint tips from the paint and design experts at Ricciardi Brothers to help bring out the interior decorator within!

Paint from Dark to Light – Floor to Ceiling

The next time you step outside, notice your surroundings and the natural gradation of color from dark to light, ground to sky. Pay attention to the dark greens, browns, greys, and black of the ground and the mid-tone and bright colors of flora and fauna, and finally to the light whites, blues, and greys of the sky above. This gradation is one that is very natural to us and can easily be translated into your home. For example, if you are using blue as a prominent color, imagine beautiful wood floors with a dark blue patterned area rug, baseboards in Blue Danube, window details in Winter Lake, walls in Smoke, and ceiling in Marilyn’s Dress.

Paint Your Mood in Your Home!

What makes you happy? Hungry? Tired? As “animals,” we are largely driven by our primal instincts and many of the spaces in our homes cater to our primal needs. A dining room for eating, a bedroom for sleeping, and so forth. Tap into these moods when considering paint colors for your home.

a dining room painted red with wooden furniture and a view of a lake

Colors That Incite Hunger

It has been widely proven that the best colors to promote hunger are the more passionate, warmer colors. When choosing colors for your dining area, you can’t go wrong with shades of red, yellow, and orange.

Colors that Promote Sleep

When it comes to the bedroom, sleep should be the main focus of your design. Therefore, colors that relax and calm are best, such as blues and greens.

Design Around Art and Patterns You Love

When stumped on which colors to choose for your home, an easy solution is often to start with artwork or textiles you love. Temporarily hang a piece of artwork in your new room-to-be and envision the colors surrounding it. Notice the colors within the painting and pull from them to choose wall and accent colors. More muted or neutral colors for a wall can complement the artwork without overwhelming it. Accent colors for trim work can match less prominent colors in the artwork. If you’re starting with a textile, like a bold print couch, place it in the room and work from there. Remember to have fun!

Remember Color Theory

When working with paint colors, especially if using a wide variety, remember to reference your color wheel. The use of color theory can help to create a room that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. If out of balance, the room can either appear too boring or overly chaotic. Working with the color wheel can help when choosing complementary (colors across from each other on the color wheel) accent colors. Purple and yellow, green and red, and blue and orange are all examples.

Embrace the Energy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has long been practiced in Chinese culture and focuses primarily on the orientation of people in their environments and the way in which everything works together in harmony. In the modern era, the practice of Feng Shui has carried over to home design. Using the five elements of Feng Shui and their corresponding colors, one can create a positive flow of energy within their home.

a blue living room with a white couch and black and white art on the walls


  • Related colors = Red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink
  • Energy = Passion and high energy
  • Placement within the home = Northeast or Southwest


  • Related colors = Light brown, light yellow, beige, sand
  • Energy = Stability and nourishment
  • Placement within the home = Center


  • Related colors = Green and brown
  • Energy = Growth and vitality
  • Placement within the home = East or Southeast


  • Related colors = Blue and black
  • Energy = Ease and abundance
  • Placement within the home = East or Southeast


  • Related colors = Gray and white
  • Energy = Clarity and precision
  • Placement within the home = West or Northwest

Get Color Advice From The Home Paint Experts at Ricciardi Brothers

The possibilities for decorating your new home are endless, so remember to have fun and trust your instinct when choosing your perfect colors! Feeling stuck? At Ricciardi Brothers’ 40+ locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, our paint and decorating experts help people make creative design decisions every day, from paint colors to interior decoration. We also offer a wide variety of interior and exterior paint, deck stain, window treatments, and other decorating staples so you can make your new home your own. To learn more and to kick off your design project, please contact us today! 

woman painting exterior home by her self

How to Paint a House Exterior By Yourself

Do you want to refresh your home’s exterior paint, but don’t have the time or money to schedule a professional painter to do it? Don’t worry – exterior painting is actually something you can do all by yourself! DIY’ing your home’s new look isn’t as hard as it sounds. With these useful tips by Ricciardi Brothers, you can give your home’s exterior an updated fresh coat of paint that looks as clean and neat as if a professional had done it!

Choose Quality Paint and Tools

Your home’s exterior appearance is arguably the first thing that will catch the attention of your guests and passersby. It’s not something you should skimp out on when redesigning. Choose the best exterior paint you can find for your vision, along with high-quality paint supplies and tools. The actual paint shouldn’t be something you DIY – always buy paint from a reputable industry brand to ensure your exterior paint job will last a long time, and most importantly, look good.

Schedule Your Paint Job Ahead of Time

In addition to carefully selecting your painting supplies, choose the day you’ll be painting your house ahead of time. We know that sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way but try and choose a dry sunny day with low humidity. Bright and dry weather is the perfect condition for painting. Exterior paint will not stick to your exterior walls if they’re wet from the rain or sweating from the humidity!

Prep Your Exteriors Carefully

Painters often say that 90% of a good paint job comes from the prep work beforehand. Paint will not apply smoothly or last on surfaces if they’re rough and not properly cleaned. Pressure wash your house and trim any chippings, peeling, or mildew. Depending on your house’s exterior finish (for example, houses with a stucco exterior), you may have to wait up to a month after prepping your house to paint. Lastly, cover your doors, windows, and painting ground with a tarp or plastic to protect them from splatters while painting.

Prime and Seal Your Exterior Before Painting

The paint will not last if your exterior isn’t properly primed. Your exterior needs a specific primer based on what finish it has, and there are different drying times for each kind. Whatever your exterior needs, make sure to primer every inch of your house and let it dry before painting – this will lead to the best results.

Paint Top to Bottom and Side to Face

For a clean finished look, you have to paint in sections. Start painting from the top of your house in order to control streaks and drips. Paint all of the inner corners and around the trim before moving downwards. If you have shingles or clapboard exteriors, paint the bottom sides of the ‘lip’ first before moving upwards to paint the face. After you’ve finished painting, make sure to let it completely dry before applying a second coat. 

Work with Quality Paint and Painters at Ricciardi Brothers

With these expert tips, you’ll be looking with pride at a quality exterior paint job you executed all by yourself! If you want more preparation, consult with a painting specialist at Ricciardi Brothers. Our experienced team of interior and exterior designers can help you ensure that your finishing touch is the right touch. Visit one of our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware locations for all of your painting and designing needs, or contact us today to find out how we can help you paint your home!

a beautiful backyard deck overlooking a yard in the spring

How to Prepare Your Deck for Spring

a beautiful backyard deck overlooking a yard in the spring

Getting Your Deck Ready for Warmer Weather

With the spring weather fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about barbecues and relaxation on your beautiful deck. Before you start dragging out the outdoor furniture and having people over, it is so important to prepare your deck for warmer weather first. Preparing your deck for spring will extend its life and keep it looking beautiful for years to come! Follow these simple steps to prepare your deck for the gorgeous days of spring.

1.  Wait for the Snow to Clear

If you live in an area where snow falls in the winter — as most of us do — you will want to make sure snow has cleared before beginning any of the next steps. Waiting for the snow to melt is important because you need to be able to fully assess the state your deck is in after a long winter, which will be impossible to do with snow and ice covering it. Make sure you are somewhat certain that the snow won’t be back until next winter before you move on to springtime deck prep.

2.  Check for Damage (Rot, Splintering, Cracks, etc.)

Once the snow has cleared, it is time to thoroughly check your deck for any damage that may have been inflicted throughout the winter. Common damage includes cracks in the deck, which can occur from frequent extreme changes in temperature. You will also want to look for areas that may have splintering wood, mildew, or even rotting wood. While all of these types of damage vary in severity, be sure to note where damage is and how serious it looks.

3.  Treat Damage If Necessary

Now that you know where all of the damage is located and how severe it is, it is time to treat that damage! Splintered and feathered wood can be treated with wood glue and a little sandpaper, and small chips can be addressed with wood filler. Cracks and rot are more severe, and often require the board of the deck to be replaced to ensure that no further damage is made. If you are not confident with making these repairs yourself, be sure to discuss repairs with a professional.

4.  Thoroughly Clean Your Deck

Once all damage has been treated, you will need to thoroughly clean your deck. A power wash usually does the trick, but be careful with how much “power” is used to ensure that the wood on your deck is not damaged again. Ask an expert about what is safe for your particular deck material. The goal is to have all dirt, mildew, and debris cleaned off of the deck so that there is a smooth surface left ready for a re-stain and seal.

5.  Re-stain or Seal Your Deck to Protect It

Finally, your deck is ready to be re-stained and/or sealed. When deciding on a stain, consult with a paint expert to ensure that you pick a shade that will fit your desired look. A new stain will make your deck look gorgeous and polished for the spring season. If new stain isn’t necessary or you want to add additional protection to your deck, continue with a seal. A sealant will provide durability and protection from the sun, ensuring that your deck maintains its health for years to come.

6.  Once Dry, Enjoy the Spring Weather on Your Deck!

Ensure that your stain and sealant is completely dry before dragging out your deck furniture for the spring. Once dry, you are ready to enjoy your gorgeous deck, which should be looking brand new.

Stain and Seal Your Deck with the Help of Ricciardi Brothers

Ready to get your deck in tip-top shape this spring? At Ricciardi Brothers, we’ll help you every step of the way with expert advice, tools, and the highest quality deck stains and seals. With locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are the perfect stop before your spring deck restoration. Contact us today with any questions you may have- we look forward to working with you!

a living room with pink pastel walls and yellow and blue pastel furniture

5 Color Trends for Spring 2019

a living room with pink pastel walls and yellow and blue pastel furniture

Spring is just around the corner! Leave the cold, barren winter season behind you and enter into blossoming spring 2019 with bolder, more vibrant, and fun color trends. These spring color crazes will boost your spirits and spread positivity in all the spaces in your home. Stay ahead of the trends and get your home ready for full bloom with our spring color suggestions.

#1. Youthful Yellow

Use a color that can deliver optimism- choosing a golden or bright yellow color can transform your mood from drab to fab instantly! Yellow is a great color because it can be used in different ways, especially fitting for “wash walls.” Any shade of yellow pairs well with cool blues, beiges, and pinks. If you are intimidated by using a vibrant yellow on your walls, there’s still an approach that you can take to incorporate this vivacious color. Put this shade to use in smaller features for your space, such as painting vases, vanities, end tables, lampshades, or any accents to brighten up your design.

#2. All Four Walls

Accenting one wall was so last year! Happening now in stylish spring 2019 is the trend of accenting the entire space. Rather than highlighting one individual wall in the room, homeowners are choosing to enhance all four walls in a bold paint color or wallpaper. It is totally your preference if you would like the molding and trim to match the bold color of choice or contrast with white hues. This trend works especially well in a smaller room– like an office or bathroom. Some popular courageous colors to use include moody blues, fierce reds, or deep forest greens.

#3. Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Pastels

Pastels are the new neutrals. Introducing gentle pastels shades into your spaces will create a sense of tranquility and serenity.  With modern furnishings, pastels can elevate your space and set a sophisticated atmosphere. Choose pastel colors that have a deeper or richer tone to add class and elegance to your space. The newest shades of pastel paints are exceptionally plush and soft colors that will work in every room of the house, from a relaxing master bedroom to a chic kitchen.

bright living room with a dark blue couch and pastel blue walls

#4. It’s What’s On the Outside That Counts

First impressions really do count. Enhance your house’s curb appeal with the right choice in color. The right exterior color for your home has the ability to transform an ugly duckling to a stunning swan. The paint will emphasize the eye-catching angles of your home, and can hide the less exciting external qualities- it’s a win-win! Exterior paints that are trending for spring 2019 include warm, soft colors to compliment the house surroundings, such as browns, blues, and greys. Contrasting the natural and warm colors of the exterior brings the opportunity to pop the color with your front door. Painting the front door is a quick and easy way to cosmetically update your house’s exterior appearance. Your front door is a statement to the world, expressing your personality and style.

house with a front door painted bright orange

#5. Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

Bold wallpaper has officially joined the trends of spring 2019. Popular choices for wallpaper are tropical flowers, stripes, geometric shapes, terrazzo, and countless others; it is available in high diverse supply for 2019.  Homeowners nowadays are embracing wallpaper for all different approaches. A unique way to use wallpaper is for the ceiling- people usually neglect their fifth wall. Creating a statement ceiling can make the room appear brighter and larger, plus it adds an unexpected central point. It’s guaranteed that wallpaper on the ceiling will add a powerful impression to any space.

Get Your Home Ready for Spring 2019 with Ricciardi Brothers

Be ahead of the curve and embrace the color trends for spring 2019 with help from Ricciardi Brothers. With 44 convenient locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are fully dedicated to assisting you with all your painting needs. Whether you need high-quality paint, professional wall coverings, new window treatments, or supplies to revamp your home, our team is ready to help.  Contact us today to get a head start on spring 2019 trends for your home!

Spring is just around the corner! Leave the cold, barren winter season behind you and enter into blossoming spring 2019 with bolder, more vibrant, and fun color trends. These spring color crazes will boost your spirits and spread positivity in all the spaces in your home. Stay ahead of the trends and get your home