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Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint Guide: 4 Finishes

When you paint the exterior of your house, it involves more than just the paint color and brand. There is a wide range of sheens including flat, low-lustre, satin, and semi-gloss to consider. Each one has its own distinct characteristics, which make them suitable for different areas of the house. Your home’s exterior is subject to major stresses including rain, snow, UV rays, and physical wear. Choosing the best exterior paint finish is an important step that should not be overlooked. Do not fear – this guide from the professionals at Ricciardi Brothers will help you choose the perfect Aura Exterior Paint Finish for your next home project.

1.  Aura Flat Finish

A flat finish typically has the least amount of shine. This type of finish does not reflect light, so it will not provide any sheen. Increased paint color penetrates due to decreased sheen and shine on the outside of your home. The flat finish yields a smooth appearance since there is a higher pigment of color which is crucial for concealing defects that include the following: scratches, nail holes, patches, blemishes, and others. This sheen is best used on shingles and siding, especially in areas with imperfections.

Pros of Flat Finish

  • Quick drying time
  • No overlap marks
  • Hides flaws

Cons of Flat Finish

  • Difficult to clean
  • May flake off or chip

Best Used For

  • Siding
  • Low-traffic surfaces

2.  Aura Low Lustre Finish

A low lustre finish is recommended for exterior use on wood, vinyl and aluminum sliding, and concrete – just to name a few. This finish is self-priming, super adhesive, and has a low-temperature application. When properly applied according to recommendations, Aura® Waterborne Exterior Low Lustre Finish is suitable for wind-driven rain.

Pros of Low Lustre Finish:

  • Self-priming
  • Superior adhesion
  • Low-temperature application

Cons of Low Lustre Finish:

  • Shows imperfections

Best used for

  • Shingles
  • Siding

3. Aura Satin Finish

Satin finish is a 100% acrylic exterior low lustre latex finish that has color lock technology and extreme low UV resistance, along with a mildew-resistant film. In addition, this finish is best for wood, stucco, and primed metal. This formula is good for an assortment of exterior surfaces, including siding, and can be applied as low as 40°F.

Pros of Satin Finish:

  • Fast-drying and quick re-coat times
  • Mildew resistant
  • Outstanding durability against even the harshest weather conditions

Cons of Satin Finish:

  • Lap marks may be evident
  • Sheen can be uneven

Best Used For

  • Trim
  • Doors

4. Aura Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss has shine and reflective attributes that make it an attractive option for homeowners. This finish is easier to clean, more durable, and more moisture-resistant than a satin or eggshell paint. Additionally, the semi-gloss finish will give your home a brighter, shiny, and sleek impression compared to other finishes and white shades on the market. Semi-gloss works well on trim, particularly windowsills, which take the brunt of the weather.

Pros of Semi-Gloss Finish:

  • Easy to clean
  • Shiny and reflective
  • Highly durable

Cons of Semi-Gloss Finish:

  • Shows imperfections

Best Used For

  • Trim
  • Doors

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If you would like more information about our trademark finishes, please visit one of our NJ, DE, or PA paint locations in your area or contact us today. Aura Exterior Paint is available in five finishes which are Flat, Low Lustre, Satin, and Semi-gloss. You can shop all Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior Paint finishes by picking up in-store or ordering online at Ricciardi Brothers. Meet premium performance from Aura Exterior Paint which provides amazing results every time you paint.

For over 85 years, Ricciardi Brothers has helped creatively transform thousands of homes and businesses. Our 40+ locations across Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania specialize in design services and painting with professional care. Contact us for questions on how we can satisfy your design needs!

deck painted grey with white accents

A Guide to Coronado Paint, a Benjamin Moore Brand

Coronado Premium Paints has been recommended by painters and householders alike for over 50 years. There are many colors to choose from, along with a variety of finishes that make Coronado Paints a popular choice. Read on to get an overview from Ricciardi Brothers on all the offerings available for Coronado paint in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area.

Tough Walls

Tough Walls is known for its washability, stain resistance, and quality hide. Additionally, this brand is designed for rooms with heavy foot-traffic and is Interior paint.  Below are six of our signature finishes: Acrylic Paint & Primer- Ultra Flat, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Flat, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Eggshell, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Satin, Acrylic Paint & Primer-Semi-gloss, and Alkyd Semi-gloss. It’s available colors are White, Pastel Base, and Tint Base.

Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint

Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint has many advantages such as low splatter and smooth leveling. This paint’s target is for commercial projects and is handy. Colors are available in White, Black, and Brite White. Additionally, Super Kote 5000 Interior Paint is available in five finishes which are Flat, Low-Sheen Eggshell, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-gloss. 

Coronado Grand 

Withstanding frequent cleanings and drying to a smooth finish are two benefits of choosing Coronado Grand. These two reasons allow Coronado Grand to be a spectacular choice. Furthermore, the three available finishes to choose from are  Matte, Eggshell, and Semi-gloss. 

Super Kote 5000 Acrylic Latex Primer

Selecting this primer is great for oil-based or even latex finishes since it is foolproof and dries quickly. Additionally, this primer has an excellent holdout. 

Super Kote 5000 Zero

Super Kote 5000 Zero’s specialty is to conform to strict VOC guidelines. Also, two of Super Kote 5000 Zero’s advantages are seamless touch-ups and easy application. All of these benefits make this interior paint a great choice. 

Super Kote 3000

Super Kote 3000 is best suited for rental properties and also construction projects. Furthermore, Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-gloss are the three available finishes that are well suited for touch ups and excellent hide. 

Super Kote 5000 Waterborne Acrylic Alkyd

Whether it is withstanding repeated washing or exceptional flow and leveling, you can count on Super Kote 5000 Waterborne Acrylic Alkyd to finish the job. There are also two finishes to choose from which are Satin and Semi-Gloss. 

Super Kote 3000 Interior Primer 

This primer is best suited for jobs that require high-productivity. It’s quick-drying and quality hide give this primer a solid recommendation.

Cryli Cote 100% Acrylic Exterior


Cryli Cote 100% Acrylic Exterior is available in three finishes which are Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. It also has excellent adhesion and protects against cracking and peeling.

Super Kote 5000 Exterior 

Super Kote 5000 Exterior dries dust- and bug-free in thirty minutes, along with color retention. The choices for finishes are Flat, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. Additionally, Super Kote 5000 Exterior provides outstanding protection against weathering.

Rust Scat


Rust Scat Polyurethane Enamels is a great selection because it prevents rust and its application is simple. Furthermore, Rust Scat has strong adhesion and outstanding wetting properties. It comes in three finishes which are Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Satin. There are also two Primers which are Alkyd Metal and Waterborne Acrylic Primer. Lastly, there is Waterborne Acrylic Enamel which has Gloss and Semi-Gloss finishes available.

Masonry Coatings

The Masonry Coatings consist of Production Block Filler, Waterproofer, water-repellant, sealer, and Elastomeric Coating which are all flat finishes.

Super Kote 5000 Production Block Filler

  • Creates a smooth uniform surface 
  • Constructed for minimal tip clogging 

Texcrete WB Acrylic Masonry Waterproofer Medium, Sand, and Smooth Finish

  • Mildew resistant coating 
  • Breathable, high-build film
  • Protection against rain, UV light, and acid rain 

Texcrete Silicone Water Repellent

  • Non-flammable 
  • Alkali resistant

Elastite 100% Acrylic Masonry Sealer

  • Resists dirt pickup
  • Great chalk binding sealer

Elastite 10 Mil 100%, 20 Mil 100%, and Super Stretch 20 Mil 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Coating 

  • Flexible Waterproofing Membrane 
  • 200% Elongation rating 
  • 300% Elongation rating

Maxum Stains and Primer 

Maxum Stains and Primer is best used for exterior wood surfaces and also has a coating that resists mildew. There are Sliding and Deck Stains, along with a Deck and Sliding Primer. Benefits include an easy soap and water cleanup and cracking and chalking resistance.

Specialty Coatings 

Ceiling white, flat interior paint, and multipurpose latex primer compose the Specialty Coatings. 

Shop Coronado Premium Paints Today

Coronado Premium Paints offers a wide variety of paint options to choose from, and Ricciardi Brothers can help you find the right one for your needs. Contact us with any questions, or plan to visit a paint store near you. Don’t want to hit up the store? Explore the e-commerce shop and arrange in-store pickup or delivery of any Benjamin Moore paint!

Beautiful home exterior with white trim and light gray paint siding with brown front door

5 New Home Exterior Color Combinations

Beautiful home exterior with white trim and light gray paint siding with brown front door

Choosing the right exterior paint combinations can be daunting. This decision should not be made lightly, as this is a large investment for your home, as well as ensuring that you will love the color combination for your home’s exterior day after day and so on! Painting the exterior of your home can create a drastic and beautiful impact to your property. Homes that are simply one color are not highlighting the various architectural features and elements the residence has to offer. This summer, revive your house with one of these popular home exterior paint combinations.

Popular Color Combinations for the Home Exterior

#1. White, Gray, & Aqua

Everyone knows that gray and white hues are a match made in heaven when it comes to curb appeal. By adding a pop of color such as aqua to your front door it creates a drastic and unique look for your home. The light gray hue modernizes the exterior, while the accent shades of white enhance the home’s features and the aqua paint color provides an alluring and welcoming detail, making this a beautiful option for your property.

#2. Taupe, Ivory, & Blue

Taupe, ivory, and blue are paint colors that will always complement each other for eternity. Regardless if your home is located in the mountains or in a beach town, these colors will fit in anywhere! Taupe and ivory hues are more on the neutral spectrum, therefore by adding the blue paint color, it will bring the exterior look to the next level. The paint color combination of these three colors will only enhance your home’s curb appeal!

#3. Pink, Salmon, & White

Before you dismiss this option, having your home painted pink can definitely get people’s attention. A residence painted pink can initially be viewed as feminine but is actually a generally popular choice for those living near the coast, as well as Victorian-style homes. Pink, salmon, and white are the color combinations if you want your home to get noticed! These colors will generate a showstopper appearance for your property, making it stand out from the rest of the houses on the market. 

#4. Teal, Charcoal Gray, & White

Want your home’s exterior to be different yet classic? You may have never considered this combination before, but teal, charcoal gray, and white are colors that can fulfill both requirements. Choosing a neutral teal for your home’s siding and accenting the shutters and door with the charcoal gray plus utilizing the white paint to highlight the home’s architectural features, is truly a beautiful and elegant result. Charcoal gray is one of the most highly demanded colors to include for all home’s exteriors, therefore by complimenting with a blue tone color such as teal, your home will be modernized and have a traditional appeal.

#5. Chocolate Brown, Green, & Light Brown

Brown and green colors are considered to be natural earth tones and as a direct result, they make a gorgeous color combination for your home exterior. Whether you use the green for your trim or the brown for your siding, you can go either way with this color combination. Earthy greens blend well with natural woodsy settings and are often used on bungalows, as well as rustic shingle-style houses. 

Get All the Home Exterior Paint Combinations at Ricciardi Brothers

These are just the top 5 home exterior color combinations – there are truly endless possibilities when it comes to paint combinations. If you need more ideas and inspiration, our professional team at Ricciardi Brothers can assist you and make your home beautiful, inside and out! Take full advantage during the summer season and give your home’s exterior a ‘facelift’. Please contact us today or visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about our wide selection in premium exterior paint, as well as our professional services and exclusive promotions. We look forward to working with you and getting you started on your exterior painting project!

woman painting exterior home by her self

How to Paint a House Exterior By Yourself

Do you want to refresh your home’s exterior paint, but don’t have the time or money to schedule a professional painter to do it? Don’t worry – exterior painting is actually something you can do all by yourself! DIY’ing your home’s new look isn’t as hard as it sounds. With these useful tips by Ricciardi Brothers, you can give your home’s exterior an updated fresh coat of paint that looks as clean and neat as if a professional had done it!

Choose Quality Paint and Tools

Your home’s exterior appearance is arguably the first thing that will catch the attention of your guests and passersby. It’s not something you should skimp out on when redesigning. Choose the best exterior paint you can find for your vision, along with high-quality paint supplies and tools. The actual paint shouldn’t be something you DIY – always buy paint from a reputable industry brand to ensure your exterior paint job will last a long time, and most importantly, look good.

Schedule Your Paint Job Ahead of Time

In addition to carefully selecting your painting supplies, choose the day you’ll be painting your house ahead of time. We know that sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way but try and choose a dry sunny day with low humidity. Bright and dry weather is the perfect condition for painting. Exterior paint will not stick to your exterior walls if they’re wet from the rain or sweating from the humidity!

Prep Your Exteriors Carefully

Painters often say that 90% of a good paint job comes from the prep work beforehand. Paint will not apply smoothly or last on surfaces if they’re rough and not properly cleaned. Pressure wash your house and trim any chippings, peeling, or mildew. Depending on your house’s exterior finish (for example, houses with a stucco exterior), you may have to wait up to a month after prepping your house to paint. Lastly, cover your doors, windows, and painting ground with a tarp or plastic to protect them from splatters while painting.

Prime and Seal Your Exterior Before Painting

The paint will not last if your exterior isn’t properly primed. Your exterior needs a specific primer based on what finish it has, and there are different drying times for each kind. Whatever your exterior needs, make sure to primer every inch of your house and let it dry before painting – this will lead to the best results.

Paint Top to Bottom and Side to Face

For a clean finished look, you have to paint in sections. Start painting from the top of your house in order to control streaks and drips. Paint all of the inner corners and around the trim before moving downwards. If you have shingles or clapboard exteriors, paint the bottom sides of the ‘lip’ first before moving upwards to paint the face. After you’ve finished painting, make sure to let it completely dry before applying a second coat. 

Work with Quality Paint and Painters at Ricciardi Brothers

With these expert tips, you’ll be looking with pride at a quality exterior paint job you executed all by yourself! If you want more preparation, consult with a painting specialist at Ricciardi Brothers. Our experienced team of interior and exterior designers can help you ensure that your finishing touch is the right touch. Visit one of our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware locations for all of your painting and designing needs, or contact us today to find out how we can help you paint your home!

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How To Choose the Best Exterior Paint For Your Home

best exterior paint for a house

When it comes time to repaint your home, choosing an exterior paint scheme can seem extremely intimidating. Even though everyone has different tastes when it comes to the look that they want their home to have, the look should reflect you. There are quite a few tips that you should keep in mind when looking to paint the outside of your home, as well as a number of style options that will shape your painting project. Read on to learn more about choosing the best exterior paint and what colors might be best suited for you!

Paint Choice Tips

Draw Inspiration From Permanent Materials

Every home has elements that are difficult or impossible to change. Brick or stone foundations, patios and accents cannot be changed, but actually, make it easier to choose a color. This is possible because you will want something that works well with any, and all, existing color schemes surrounding your home. You can choose colors that complement the ones you already have, or if you really want to mix it up, try experimenting with contrasting opposites. For example, if you have a classic red brick foundation, play around with how a cooler color might look for the exterior of your house.

Test Your Colors

So much thought goes into choosing paint, but not all of the decision-making process should be done directly in a store. You must look at your color options at home as well. Go outside and test different angles at different times of the day. This will help determine which colors look best in the sun and the shade. Try buying samples and paint small areas of your house to see what colors truly look best once it’s out of the can.

Consider the Visual Effect You Want

Take some time to think about the type of look you want your home to have. Do you want it to blend well with the landscapes around it and look similar to the other homes on your street, or do you want it to catch someone’s attention? The right exterior paint scheme emphasizes the best features of your home, so make sure you put some thought into what kind of impression you want it to give off.

Style Options

Bright and Bold

For those who want their home to stand out, bold exterior paints are a clear 2018 trend. People are often nervous about choosing a color that is outside of their comfort zone, but once your house is painted, it will be the most interesting home on the block! Reds and yellows are two bright and popular options, but a color can be bold without being bright. Navy is one such color and is definitely among the newer and more up-and-coming exterior house painting trends.

Classic Neutrals

Neutral colors are an extremely common choice among those who are repainting their homes. Colors like these (such as shades in the beige and grey families) are popular because they are warm and tend to easily complement the fixed elements already present on a home, such as brick and stone. Neutrals are also a favored choice for people who are thinking of selling their house within the next few years. This is a safe option that is sure to please.

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Once you find the perfect shade, all of your hard work will be well worth it in the end! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and refresh the exterior of your home with Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior Paint formulated with a durable finish that resists fading, cracking and peeling so your home’s exterior looks freshly painted for years to come. To entice you even more, Ricciardi Brothers is excited to announce our Fourth of July promotion to help you and your wallet with your summer project. From June 21st to July 15th, customers can save up to $35, with $7 off per gallon on up to 5 gallons of all premium Benjamin Moore paint and stain. Contact Ricciardi Brothers today to learn more about the special and other promotions, and stop in at a paint store location near you. We look forward to working with you and getting you started on your exterior painting project!

When it comes time to repaint your home, choosing an exterior paint scheme can seem extremely intimidating. Even though everyone has different tastes when it comes to the look that they want their home to have, the look should reflect you. There are quite a few tips that you should keep in mind when looking