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a living room with pink pastel walls and yellow and blue pastel furniture

5 Color Trends for Spring 2019

a living room with pink pastel walls and yellow and blue pastel furniture

Spring is just around the corner! Leave the cold, barren winter season behind you and enter into blossoming spring 2019 with bolder, more vibrant, and fun color trends. These spring color crazes will boost your spirits and spread positivity in all the spaces in your home. Stay ahead of the trends and get your home ready for full bloom with our spring color suggestions.

#1. Youthful Yellow

Use a color that can deliver optimism- choosing a golden or bright yellow color can transform your mood from drab to fab instantly! Yellow is a great color because it can be used in different ways, especially fitting for “wash walls.” Any shade of yellow pairs well with cool blues, beiges, and pinks. If you are intimidated by using a vibrant yellow on your walls, there’s still an approach that you can take to incorporate this vivacious color. Put this shade to use in smaller features for your space, such as painting vases, vanities, end tables, lampshades, or any accents to brighten up your design.

#2. All Four Walls

Accenting one wall was so last year! Happening now in stylish spring 2019 is the trend of accenting the entire space. Rather than highlighting one individual wall in the room, homeowners are choosing to enhance all four walls in a bold paint color or wallpaper. It is totally your preference if you would like the molding and trim to match the bold color of choice or contrast with white hues. This trend works especially well in a smaller room– like an office or bathroom. Some popular courageous colors to use include moody blues, fierce reds, or deep forest greens.

#3. Goodbye Neutrals, Hello Pastels

Pastels are the new neutrals. Introducing gentle pastels shades into your spaces will create a sense of tranquility and serenity.  With modern furnishings, pastels can elevate your space and set a sophisticated atmosphere. Choose pastel colors that have a deeper or richer tone to add class and elegance to your space. The newest shades of pastel paints are exceptionally plush and soft colors that will work in every room of the house, from a relaxing master bedroom to a chic kitchen.

bright living room with a dark blue couch and pastel blue walls

#4. It’s What’s On the Outside That Counts

First impressions really do count. Enhance your house’s curb appeal with the right choice in color. The right exterior color for your home has the ability to transform an ugly duckling to a stunning swan. The paint will emphasize the eye-catching angles of your home, and can hide the less exciting external qualities- it’s a win-win! Exterior paints that are trending for spring 2019 include warm, soft colors to compliment the house surroundings, such as browns, blues, and greys. Contrasting the natural and warm colors of the exterior brings the opportunity to pop the color with your front door. Painting the front door is a quick and easy way to cosmetically update your house’s exterior appearance. Your front door is a statement to the world, expressing your personality and style.

house with a front door painted bright orange

#5. Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

Bold wallpaper has officially joined the trends of spring 2019. Popular choices for wallpaper are tropical flowers, stripes, geometric shapes, terrazzo, and countless others; it is available in high diverse supply for 2019.  Homeowners nowadays are embracing wallpaper for all different approaches. A unique way to use wallpaper is for the ceiling- people usually neglect their fifth wall. Creating a statement ceiling can make the room appear brighter and larger, plus it adds an unexpected central point. It’s guaranteed that wallpaper on the ceiling will add a powerful impression to any space.

Get Your Home Ready for Spring 2019 with Ricciardi Brothers

Be ahead of the curve and embrace the color trends for spring 2019 with help from Ricciardi Brothers. With 44 convenient locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are fully dedicated to assisting you with all your painting needs. Whether you need high-quality paint, professional wall coverings, new window treatments, or supplies to revamp your home, our team is ready to help.  Contact us today to get a head start on spring 2019 trends for your home!

painting wall red

4 Reasons to Do Interior Painting in the Summer

A common painting misunderstanding is that it’s advised for all inside paint jobs to be done during the winter. In contrast to this general belief, any time of the year is actually very suitable for interior projects – especially summer time. The hot weather should never be a deterrent for giving your home that long anticipated makeover.

When you think about it, there’s no better time to paint than right after your spring-cleaning efforts, so why wait another six to seven months to begin your new and improved home design vision? To help you get the ball rolling, here are 4 reasons to interior paint in the summer.

The Perks of Summer Painting

Open the Windows to Air Out

One of the more obvious and well-known benefits of interior painting in the summer is having the ability to open up the windows and air out the house. Paint can often leave a distinct aroma around the house. Starting your paint project on a beautiful summer day allows you to eliminate lingering fumes altogether. Open up those windows and point some fans to circulate the air out of the house. This will help the walls dry faster while helping keep humidity levels to a minimum, as they can affect the quality of the paint.

Warm Weather Means Quick Drying

The warm weather of the summer means you’ll be able to expedite your painting endeavors at a rate you won’t be able to accomplish in the winter. With this in mind, painting in the summer contains a unique two-part benefit. The first perk can be found by limiting your prep time. Before any painting can begin, you must spackle and prime the walls wherever necessary. The temperatures in summer provide the perfect drying conditions so you can get to painting much quicker. Just the same as prep work, the paint will dry at a similar speed, further allowing you to apply multiple coats in 1 day. Remember, the summer warmth is your friend, but avoid intense heat as it can negatively affect the paint quality even while it’s still in the can.

Thinner Paint

The summer weather provides yet another added benefit for interior paint jobs, as warm temperatures can thin out the paint both on the walls and in the can. This may seem strange to consider a benefit; however, this prevents the paint from being to viscous or difficult to mix to the ideal consistency. Application is made much easier with a better result in comparison.

Using Natural Sunlight to Your Advantage

Arguably the most popular trait of the summer season is the bright sunshine that we see just about every day. Yes, we all love to bathe and relax in the warm rays, but the sun can also play a useful role in selecting the best color for the inside of your home. Natural sunlight reflects much differently through the windows than the artificial lighting in your home. This will help you determine all of the possible options that may work best with every aspect of light, shadows and shadings in mind. Even though the sun does shine brightly in the winter, it’s just not the same. The sunlight can reveal a lot about your home’s interior aesthetics, so use it to your advantage in every way you can.

Save on Interior Paint with Memorial Day Savings

Saving your interior design work for the summer not only makes the process a lot easier, but also provides your wallet some relief as well. Ricciardi Brothers is excited to announce another annual Memorial Day paint special starting on May 16th, 2018! For total savings of $50, we’re now offering $10 off per can on your Benjamin Moore Regal Select interior paint purchase. With unique colors, shades and finishes for the best results, every room in the home can get the brilliant new look it deserves – and it all starts with a visit to Ricciardi Brothers. Contact us today to learn more about the promotion and any current sales on our other painting supplies. We encourage you to ask any additional home design questions and we’ll be sure to get you the answers you need. Stop in today at a paint store location near you and get started on your project today!

Colorful paint in cans

Top 11 Paint Colors for Spring

Spring Paint Colors for Your Home

With the gloomy grays of winter ending soon, take this time to refresh your walls with a new coat of some spring inspired paints. Whether you are looking for a subtle way to brighten a dull hallway or improve the space with a bold accent wall, painting is a great opportunity to re-style any room. With so many options, choosing the perfect color isn’t as hard as it may seem. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list our 11 favorite colors to kick off spring 2018 with vibrant color.

Bold Colors

1. Deep Turquoise

Turquoise has gained a steady following in recent years with everything from clothing to wall color and jewelry to lawn furniture. Originally revered by both the ancients Egyptians and Aztecs, this eye-striking combination of blueish-green will add a regal backdrop to any room. Turquoise fits well in any home due to its versatility with other colors such as gold and red-orange.

2. Olive

Looking for a more restrained style? Try incorporating olive green into your home. This verdant color provides a sophisticated feel when partnered with a neutral trim. The dark nature of olive green is great for gathering rooms, dens and libraries.

3. Marigold

With most mornings spent in the kitchen, lighting can often prove troublesome when adjusting from night to day. Try enhancing the effects of natural lighting in your kitchen with the sunny hues of marigold – and no not the flower. This mustard yellow color sits at a borderline between both yellow and orange depending on the existing lighting. Use this useful trait to its advantage and pair it with soft shades of reds or even baby blues.

4. Ultra Violet

As Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet is a must for anyone considering updating his or her home this spring. This dramatic shade of purple has the potential to transform rooms in ways that are truly spectacular. Couple the color with warm shades of yellow, orange and red for a vivid recreation of dusk or softer, smokier hues of pink and lavender for a tranquil escape.

Pastel Colors

5. Sage

This soft green is the perfect addition to any room in need of an interesting color. The subtle hues of green are enhanced by light in a natural way, perfect for pairing with other earth tones such as light browns or rustic reds.

6. Cloudberry

Like many, you may be too afraid to commit to the bold tones of purple. If this is the case, did we find a color for you! Revamp your home’s entryway with the light purplish-pink hue of cloudberry. Too much sun can drown out the beauty of the humble nature of this beautiful color but when properly illuminated with indirect sunlight, cloudberry radiates a comfortable, warming glow.

7. Oval Room Blue

For another great option to welcome the spring, try this beautiful baby blue in any well-lit room. Enhanced by natural light and neutral or white tones, oval room blue is a simple way to add elegance to your home.

8. Blue Dusk

Stop guests in their tracks by incorporating this beautiful periwinkle-blue combo into your home. Let this calm color ease transitions between rooms by recoating your hallways with a fresh coat this spring!

Neutral Colors

9. Poised Taupe

As Sherwin Williams’ 2017 color of the year, you have probably seen taupe featured abundantly in style and home decorating magazines. An interesting mix of gray and brown, taupe is a neutral color easily paired with a variety of accents. Most commonly coupled with white, the dynamic combo provides rooms with a bold and elegant pop.

10. Stone White

Looking to lighten the room but don’t want to settle for plain white? Stone white is a great option to tone down the shades in a room but not entirely eliminate color as a whole. Visually similar to classic white, stone white provides a room with a serene calmness in when put in any color combination.

11. Ramie

This grayish-brown hue is the perfect middle ground between the previously mentioned neutrals – taupe and stone white. Perfect for spacious dining rooms or a cozy den, ramie adds an aspect of comfort unmatched by any other neutral.

Painting Supplies Near You

If you are looking to add a splash of color to your home this spring, look no further than the options available at Ricciardi Brothers. With 39 locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, we are committed to helping you with all of your painting needs. For more spring painting suggestions, contact us or visit the nearest Ricciardi Brothers location and take a look at our 2018 design palette for more inspiring color choices.

Painting a room blue

Meet Century: Benjamin Moore’s Newest Paint Line

Get to Know the Game-Changing Color and Finish

It’s not every day that a new, top-quality paint product gets placed on the market. But Benjamin Moore – one of the most popular paint and color brands in the country – has impressed industry leaders and customers once again. At the beginning of March, the company released its newest paint line: Century, “a new dimension in paint.” The paint products from the innovative new line have recently been stocked inside more than 5,000 paint stores that supply Benjamin Moore products across the nation, providing people with unmatched, groundbreaking paint options that have yet to be created by anyone else.


Benjamin Moore: A History of Excellence

Since its humble beginnings in 1883, Benjamin Moore has been serving its loyal customers with amazing paint products, making both residential and commercial coatings of the highest value. With a clear mission of producing the highest-quality paint and finishes possible, Benjamin Moore is a brand that works tirelessly to make premium paints and stains for every home, taste and design – something that its founder had his heart set out to do ever since he first established the business. The well-known company manufactures its own original resins and Gennex® colorants to boost both performance and application properties, and the sky is the limit as far as ideas for its products go. By keeping on top of the most prevalent interior design trends and researching the most sought-after colors and textures, Century was created by the experts at Benjamin Moore. It has since filled a void that was missing in the paint industry for entirely too long.


Century’s Rare Creation Process

With the main goal of supplying customers with excellent craftsmanship and the ultimate paint aesthetic, Century was developed in a truly one-of-a-kind way – which has definitely yielded one-of-a-kind results. Both science and art were combined and manipulated by only the most skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable chemists available, and it took years to fully develop the ultra-premium paint line. The finished product is the first ever Soft Touch Matte finish. This type of paint looks smooth and forgiving, and feels similar to a soft, leather glove when it’s touched. Balancing the elements to create the Century paint line was so complex that Benjamin Moore is only making it in small batches, to be pre-mixed and sealed, so that the purest color and quality will be seen and experienced by customers after they purchase it.


Stunning and Unique Colors

It’s not a secret – when you wish to have a plethora of paint colors at your disposal, you confide in Benjamin Moore. The brand has always boasted an extensive, inclusive portfolio of different shades, which have been present in their other paint lines throughout the years. Century’s palette, in particular, has 75 highly saturated colors to choose from. These are all over the color spectrum, from mid-tones to richer, darker shades. Based on interior design trends and paint professionals’ input, Century’s vivid colors create depth within a room, and the hues are always rich and bold. Another main goal while creating Century was to enhance the customer’s color-viewing experience within a home, and the new, highly rated paint line has definitely done just that. As far as inspiration goes, Benjamin Moore was adamant about mimicking specific natural elements – including minerals, spices and herbs – to transform any room, and generate a unique vibe and overall feel through these colors.


Benjamin Moore Paint Stores Near Me

Dying to get your hands on Century? Fortunately, for those who live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Ricciardi Brothers – a one-stop shop for all things home design and paint – is carrying pre-mixed gallons of the latest paint line, so that homeowners, renters and designers alike can experience the new colors and supreme quality firsthand. The paint line is still very new, so it’d be a wise choice to check it out before the products are out of stock – or at least try a free sample. If you’re interested in learning more about Century, or any of the Benjamin Moore products that we offer, please feel free to contact our office by calling 973-762-3830.

White paint dripping on newspaper

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Image via Pexels


After you’ve picked the perfect interior paint color, it’s time to determine the perfect finish. Paint comes in a wide variety of sheens! From flat to high gloss, there a plenty of ways for you to achieve the look you want with the right finish.

You could virtually choose any finish of your liking, but it’s true that certain sheens look better in different places. So to help you out and ensure you don’t break the bank, we broke it down for you below.


Tips For Selecting The Right Sheen by Room


It’s crucial to choose a high-pigment paint, one that can last a very long time without fading. The type of bedroom (adult, children’s, or guest) is a deciding factor on which type of sheen to choose.


Adult or Guest Bedroom

A flat or matte finish provides the most coverage and soaks up light rather than reflects it for the ultimate nights sleep! Because of its high-pigment coverage, you will save money by not having to reapply.


Kids Bedroom

For high-traffic areas such as a child’s room, satin is your best bet! It’s velvety, easy to clean texture is ideal for playtime. With high durability, you can’t go wrong.



The bathroom holds a lot of moisture from frequent use of hot water. A semi-gloss finish will work with the moisture, and won’t let the color fade out. It’s also perfectly fine to use a high-gloss finish, for it’s the most durable sheen and easiest to clean.


Dining Room

An eggshell finish will cover a wall’s imperfections well, which is why it is a great sheen for gathering spaces such as the dining room. These walls won’t get too many bumps and scuffs, but provides enough durability for the type of activity taking place.


Living Room

Whether it’s a living area or a family room, you can choose from a few different sheens. Satin will leave a great look for guests, however if you plan to touch-up the space it could get tricky. If you don’t have children, eggshell is great in these types of rooms because it sits between a little luster and flat look. Lastly, you can always stick with flat or matte if you are trying to cover high walls with a lot of natural light coming in.



It’s highly recommended to use a high-gloss finish in your kitchen because of its extremely high durability. Able to fight off sticky fingers and splatter stains, you will have a very easy time cleaning this type of sheen.

You can also use this finish on cabinets, trim, and doors! It’s ultra shiny, reflects light, and is tough enough for appliances. Make sure not to cut corners on the prep work, for high-gloss will show imperfections on your walls.


Hallways And Foyers

A satin finish is great for hallways and foyers because it’s able to withstand high-traffic situations and roughing around by children.


Purchase Paint at Ricciardi Brothers Locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

At Ricciardi Brothers stores, we carry only the best paint and supplies for your next home project. We believe in offering the most dependable, aesthetically pleasing, high-quality and affordable paints on the market so our customers can get the most bang for their buck.

Besides paints and treatments, we also offer advice and personalized service for anybody looking to up their home design game! Just visit any one of our locations throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to get your project started the right way.