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How To Choose the Best Exterior Paint For Your Home

best exterior paint for a house

When it comes time to repaint your home, choosing an exterior paint scheme can seem extremely intimidating. Even though everyone has different tastes when it comes to the look that they want their home to have, the look should reflect you. There are quite a few tips that you should keep in mind when looking to paint the outside of your home, as well as a number of style options that will shape your painting project. Read on to learn more about choosing the best exterior paint and what colors might be best suited for you!

Paint Choice Tips

Draw Inspiration From Permanent Materials

Every home has elements that are difficult or impossible to change. Brick or stone foundations, patios and accents cannot be changed, but actually, make it easier to choose a color. This is possible because you will want something that works well with any, and all, existing color schemes surrounding your home. You can choose colors that complement the ones you already have, or if you really want to mix it up, try experimenting with contrasting opposites. For example, if you have a classic red brick foundation, play around with how a cooler color might look for the exterior of your house.

Test Your Colors

So much thought goes into choosing paint, but not all of the decision-making process should be done directly in a store. You must look at your color options at home as well. Go outside and test different angles at different times of the day. This will help determine which colors look best in the sun and the shade. Try buying samples and paint small areas of your house to see what colors truly look best once it’s out of the can.

Consider the Visual Effect You Want

Take some time to think about the type of look you want your home to have. Do you want it to blend well with the landscapes around it and look similar to the other homes on your street, or do you want it to catch someone’s attention? The right exterior paint scheme emphasizes the best features of your home, so make sure you put some thought into what kind of impression you want it to give off.

Style Options

Bright and Bold

For those who want their home to stand out, bold exterior paints are a clear 2018 trend. People are often nervous about choosing a color that is outside of their comfort zone, but once your house is painted, it will be the most interesting home on the block! Reds and yellows are two bright and popular options, but a color can be bold without being bright. Navy is one such color and is definitely among the newer and more up-and-coming exterior house painting trends.

Classic Neutrals

Neutral colors are an extremely common choice among those who are repainting their homes. Colors like these (such as shades in the beige and grey families) are popular because they are warm and tend to easily complement the fixed elements already present on a home, such as brick and stone. Neutrals are also a favored choice for people who are thinking of selling their house within the next few years. This is a safe option that is sure to please.

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White house with red door with greenery

How to Pick the Best Color for Your Front Door

The front door is arguably one of the most important aesthetical aspects of any home. Its practical function of an entrance way is of course equally as meaningful, however it’s the additional physical entities that make the front door something uniquely special. Overtime, the exterior paint on the door will begin to fade as it becomes more and more weathered. When this occurs, or if you become tired of its existing color, it may be a great time to give your front door a new coat of paint. Repainting this area of the home takes some careful planning to ensure you absolutely love the color. To assist in the decision making process, here’s a few tips on how to select the perfect new color for your front door.

Understand Your Color Options

There are such a large number of paints to choose from and sifting through the abundance of options can be relatively time consuming. It may seem intimidating at first, but this opportunity is absolutely a blessing in disguise. The variations available at a local paint store allow you to specifically match the home’s existing color scheme as well as your personal preferences. If you have a specific color in mind to start off with, it’s best to work off your instinct and resort to deducing the perfect option with some help from the color wheel. The color wheel presents you with the primary colors first and selectively narrows down various color schemes. By looking into the details of one individual color, similar, complimentary or contrast colors, this will provide you with a smaller list to choose from based off of the massive amounts of hues, shades and finishes that each base color can offer your front door. Master the science of color to make an educated and lasting decision that you’ll enjoy for years down the road.

Select Colors That Fit the Home’s Style

The opportunity to recolor your front door doesn’t come around all too often, so you’ll want to make sure the chosen color fits the style of your home. Just like how we focus on our fashion style that makes us unique individuals, the same applies to your home. Every home is built and designed in a certain style (i.e. Colonial, Cape Cod, Modern, etc.). These existing architectural styles and constructs also play a major role in influencing the new color for your front door. Take note and closely look into the details of your home while considering your choice of paint. Things to keep in mind include specificities such as the materials the house is built with, roof color, exterior siding color, surrounding landscape and it’s style as described previously just to name a few.

Always Remember Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is another important concept to consider while redesigning the exterior of the home. While upkeep and meticulous design of your landscape and house architecture is pivotal to create a pleasing atmosphere, it’s the front door that brings the entire property together. Curb appeal means how visually pleasing a property is when viewed from the street. When you’re out for a walk or driving around town, you may commonly say to yourself that a certain house is beautiful, gorgeous or extremely impressive – this is exactly what curb appeal is intended to do. Even though the main purpose is for making a house enticing to purchase when it’s up for sale, being proud of where you live and impressing your neighbors never hurt either! Make an impact in your neighborhood with a one-of-a-kind front door to show those passing by your home what you’re all about and be the center of their conversation.

Popular Paints for Front Doors

Home design projects take a lot of precautionary steps before following through with the job or renovation work – and the front door is no exception. You’ll need the best tools and material to make sure your time doesn’t go to waste and that your hard work will show in the end. Other than application materials, the most important thing you’ll need is of course the paint. Here are some of the best exterior paint brands available at paint stores near you for long-time durability and quality assurance.

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Fine Paints of Europe
  • Cabot
  • Sikkens

Home Decoration and Paint Specialists Near You

Decorating a home’s interior and exterior is an exciting time for any homeowner. Visualizing the final product is one thing, but the anticipation of getting the job done delivers a whole different feeling of eagerness. Before the very first drop of paint reaches any part of your home, however, you must take some time to thoroughly plan out the process. Consider the help from the design and paint professionals at Ricciardi Brothers to get find the perfect color to deliver that “wow” factor to your home. We’ll provide you with the highest quality materials and any how-to advice you’ll need to give any interior or exterior area a new and improved makeover. Contact a Ricciardi Brothers location near you to get started on your project today.

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How to Choose the Best Benjamin Moore Paint for Your Home

Image via Pixabay

When a homeowner makes the decision to paint the exterior of his or her home, it’s one that will be viewed by everyone who drives by, walks past and comes to visit. That’s why it’s best to use a reliable, quality paint product. Investing in a Benjamin Moore exterior paint will guarantee a beautiful outcome, regardless of which color you choose. If you’re having a little trouble settling on just one, these tips should help:


Consider Your Location

One of the first things to consider when you’re choosing a Benjamin Moore paint color? The location of your home. This includes the typical weather, land and overall nature of the region where your house is located. In general, the environment you live in has a direct impact on your home’s exterior. Some climates, for instance, may cause wear and tear to the outside of a home faster than others. So it’ll benefit you in the long run to opt for a durable exterior paint that will last in the kind of place you live, and withstand the elements you’re surrounded by. Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select exterior paint is an option worth looking into, as it is known to be both durable and long-lasting.


Test it Out

Painting your home is, fortunately, something you can try out beforehand. This is an especially good idea for those who are making a drastic change to the color of their house, and aren’t really sure whether or not they can commit to such a big difference. Pick out a variety of Benjamin Moore paints that you could potentially see on your house, and ask for a sample of each one. In a conspicuous place on your home’s exterior, paint a small swatch of each one. This way, you can compare and contrast, and see firsthand how it would really look on your home. If you’re still in need of some assurance, ask friends and family over to offer their opinions regarding each color’s appearance.


Think About Your Landscape

The quality of the Benjamin Moore exterior paint you choose is important, but picking out the color is just as crucial. When you’re at your local paint store, flipping through paint swatches, keep the landscape of your front, back and side yards in mind. The type of shrubs, specific plants, the color of your flowers and any type of sidewalk or patio materials should be compared to the different shades and hues that you’re looking to purchase for your home’s new paint job. It’s wise to get some advice from an expert who specializes in design services. He or she can provide you with some expert advice and insight regarding which color would look best with the landscaping around your home.


Factor in Your Home’s Style and Design

Your home’s design aesthetic plays a huge part in the type of Benjamin Moore paint you will purchase. First and foremost, pinpoint which architectural style your home is – be it art deco, colonial, mid-century modern, contemporary or traditional. Do a little of your own research, checking out color schemes and paint types that are typically on your type of home. You can either consult magazines and online home galleries, or ask a paint professional who can offer some tips as well, since they deal with customers with unique architectural-styled homes every day. The next step? Factor in the interior design elements of your home, and decide if you’d like to keep it the same, or make some changes. Color schemes, design themes and your specific taste all influence the type of paint you’ll choose.


Stores that Sell Benjamin Moore Paint in NJ, PA & DE

At Ricciardi Brothers, we know that Benjamin Moore has been a leader in the paint industry for countless years, providing quality interior and exterior paint – which his why we carry so many of its products. If you’re trying to pick out a Benjamin Moore paint color for your home in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware areas, we have some great promotions going on for paint and paint supplies. Contact us at 973-762-3830 to learn more!


Spanish style home

7 Exterior Paint Colors & Inspiration

Image via Pexels

New season, new colors! Getting bored of the look your exterior home has? It’s not a hard problem to solve. You don’t necessarily need to repaint your entire home to achieve a new color scheme (however if you want to do that, by all means go right head).

All you need is some creativity, a few different colors of paint, and some free time on your hands! Boost your home’s curb appeal and impress your neighbors with these amazing exterior inspirations.

Exterior Home Design Ideas

1. Vary Shades of One Color

If you don’t want to make the commitment of picking a single hue for your exterior scheme, accent a single hue with other varying shades of that particular color. One single shade can make your home look plain and outdated, but different shades of the same color spread between the window frames, shutters, and trim can transform the entire look and feel of the exterior of your home.


2. Add Warmth With Wood

If you’re looking for an easy way to warm things up, wood makes a great material to do the trick. Whether it’s built into the home itself or made into a porch or fence, the natural look will go great up against any color or design. If you already have a porch, try giving it a fresh coat of stain!


3. Pick Two Hues in Varying Brightness for Contrast

Modernize a traditional looking exterior home with eclectic colors to compliment each other. Pick two colors that would not normally be used in the same color scheme and put them together. For example, choose a bright color for your door and a cooler color for the shutters. Watch your home attract traffic to your door!


4. Be Bold Indoors, Not Outdoors

A lot of bold accent colors on your home’s exterior can give a retrained look. With such bold colors, you’re not leaving yourself enough space for the use of other colors. If you enjoy lots of bold and bright colors, try incorporating them into the interior of your home.


5. Try Stain as a Color

Stain offers a wide range of color options. Whether you’re looking for something brighter or darker, a wood stain might be able to achieve that. In particular, midrange hues tend to work well on different kinds of home styles. When picking a paint color to compliment your stain, it’s a good idea to try swatches of other colors up against the stain and see how they look throughout the day with the different lighting the sun provides.


6. Stick to the Classics

When in doubt, always stick with the classics. White is and always will be a popular exterior color selection. Why? Because it looks good on virtually any style home, decreases the massing of very large homes, and lets the landscape stand out. It also matches with any accent colors you want to incorporate!


7. Paint the Door

If you’re short on cash, painting your front door is always a great idea that will differentiate your home from the others in your neighborhood! Especially for curb appeal purposes, you want individuals to be attracted immediately to your home. This will definitely do the trick, and it will also switch up the look of your exterior.


Exterior Home Projects By Ricciardi Brothers

If you’re looking to change up your exterior home, the Ricciardi Brothers are here to help! No matter what size the project, we’ve got the resources and tools you need to get the job done successfully. From design inspiration to paint colors, you’ll always be in good hands when you visit a Ricciardi Brothers store.

We are conveniently located throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Don’t be a stranger and contact us today for all of your home needs!